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  1. cac

    cack handed golf

    Hi Will, I'm CAC handed and play off 13. I dont hit that far off the tee but pretty straight.Short game not too bad. Hoping to get down to single figures in the near future. Hows your game? Any specific problems? Most good coaches will still give lessons even though you are cac handed. CAC
  2. cac


    which David Roth are you on Facebook ?
  3. cac


    David, how long is the hole ? any pics as it is now you can post on here. Dave.
  4. cac

    Range Finders...

    I think its a bit catch 22. If you buy 1 your distance control will improve as you will continually be able to assess if your shot is long / short etc. and the better you get the more use you will get through club selection. It also gives more focus to your shot with less doubt as to whether the club selection is correct. Maybe start with a second hand garmin gps at about £60 Then as you improve stretch to a flag spotter type for more accuracy. Dave.
  5. Ernie Els says there is only one birdie in a ball. He is wrong as I had 2 birdies and an eagle on the same day with a ball. I use the same type of ball , Titliest Velocity. I will grab a couple out of my bag that look good. I will use 1 for my tee shot and other for provisional shots if required. At the end of my round i will put both balls in my bag till next time and start again. CAC.
  6. cac

    Can Sergio Win a Major?

    Bit late but good pick, hes won a major. CAC
  7. Probably a stupid suggestion but what about giving all holes that are blobs or NR the equivilent of a net bogie or 1 spabelford point just for the adjustment of a handicap. IE man A returns 36 pts with 3 blobs and wins the comp and keeps his handicap intact. My suggestion would be he still scores 36 pts for the comp but gets 39pts for his handicap and pos a 3x 0.4 deduction. ( depend on CAT ). CAC
  8. hi all, took a video of my swing ( big mistake lol ) lots of problems but biggest that may solve a few others is my body sway. anyone got any tips , drills to get rid of this ? see video and laugh. cac. Cheers in advance.
  9. cac

    Can Sergio Win a Major?

    Sure he can win one. If he has the lowest score over 4 days. A few years ago If you beat Tiger then you were on your way to a Major. Alas now its a bit different, There is now half a doz top players like Day, Spieth, Rory and Dustbin. Others not to discount are Mastsuyama, Justin Thomas and Rose, Stenson, Bubba, To name but a few. Golf has never been as exciting as it now is with a genuine really open field. Not to name Garcia who would be a popular Major winner. CAC.
  10. cac

    Golf Resolutions for 2017

    1. Try to reduce hcap ( 14 ) to as close to 10 as I can by longer drives and more consistent approach shots. Less duffs, shanks, thins and 3 putts. Apart from that all is OK. CAC
  11. cac

    New clubs lie

    Looks odd to me a pro would use your last fitting stats to fit these clubs but got the shaft length wrong and the lie wrong. are you sure they were not just off the rack. What part of your last fitting did he get correct ? I would have thought a new set of clubs , if you want them fitted would need to be properly fitted at the time of purchase. Swings can change over time so a new fitting should be req. IMO. Hi I need a new suit. Tailor OK ill use your old measurements from last time you bought a suit. Am I reading this wrong.? CAC.
  12. cac

    Your golf superstitions .....

    Not religious but have plastic castle tees of 1xwhite, yellow, and red in my left pocket along with a 20p piece as a marker. Always have 2 balls on the tee. one with 1 written on it and other with written 2 on it. Dont normally chip if i can putt. CAC.
  13. cac

    What type of golfer are you?

    bit of a plotter but would love to be a bomber . CAC
  14. cac

    Glove or no glove ??

    I think I tried not using a glove for a while and found I had a few areas on my hand rubbing against the grip ultimately causing a blister. If this doesnt happen to you then no need for a glove. Ive actually heard that no glove in wet condition can be better. ( not for me though ) CAC
  15. cac

    Flag on the green!!

    Bit late now but always be aware that the ball may roll to the flag if left behind the hole on the same line. or the line the ball may take. I personally like the flag out of sight. I have had on occasions another player has left the flag on the line and ive been aware so i have underhit it a tad just because its been in my mind, CAC