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  1. hi all, took a video of my swing ( big mistake lol ) lots of problems but biggest that may solve a few others is my body sway. anyone got any tips , drills to get rid of this ? see video and laugh. cac. Cheers in advance.
  2. Sure he can win one. If he has the lowest score over 4 days. A few years ago If you beat Tiger then you were on your way to a Major. Alas now its a bit different, There is now half a doz top players like Day, Spieth, Rory and Dustbin. Others not to discount are Mastsuyama, Justin Thomas and Rose, Stenson, Bubba, To name but a few. Golf has never been as exciting as it now is with a genuine really open field. Not to name Garcia who would be a popular Major winner. CAC.
  3. 1. Try to reduce hcap ( 14 ) to as close to 10 as I can by longer drives and more consistent approach shots. Less duffs, shanks, thins and 3 putts. Apart from that all is OK. CAC
  4. Looks odd to me a pro would use your last fitting stats to fit these clubs but got the shaft length wrong and the lie wrong. are you sure they were not just off the rack. What part of your last fitting did he get correct ? I would have thought a new set of clubs , if you want them fitted would need to be properly fitted at the time of purchase. Swings can change over time so a new fitting should be req. IMO. Hi I need a new suit. Tailor OK ill use your old measurements from last time you bought a suit. Am I reading this wrong.? CAC.
  5. Not religious but have plastic castle tees of 1xwhite, yellow, and red in my left pocket along with a 20p piece as a marker. Always have 2 balls on the tee. one with 1 written on it and other with written 2 on it. Dont normally chip if i can putt. CAC.
  6. bit of a plotter but would love to be a bomber . CAC
  7. I think I tried not using a glove for a while and found I had a few areas on my hand rubbing against the grip ultimately causing a blister. If this doesnt happen to you then no need for a glove. Ive actually heard that no glove in wet condition can be better. ( not for me though ) CAC
  8. Bit late now but always be aware that the ball may roll to the flag if left behind the hole on the same line. or the line the ball may take. I personally like the flag out of sight. I have had on occasions another player has left the flag on the line and ive been aware so i have underhit it a tad just because its been in my mind, CAC
  9. go for it. it will only make you a better player. it may be 1 step backward but the 2 steps forward as you get used to the changes in lie/ loft etc. cac
  10. I believe Golfbidder sells guaranteed genuine used clubs. Ive bought from there in the past and have always been genuine and pretty good value. Also condition is always better than they say. Cant always say that about Ebay. CAC.
  11. My view is if it isn't broke don't fix it. The system we have at the moment has served 80 years and the 4 majors we have are all worthy of their place. The Open. the home of golf. the oldest tournament in the world. The Masters, Well its the masters, say no more. The US open is the national championship of the other council, the USGA. The PGA is the oldest major in America so has a load of history. The WGC titles are now played worldwide and have almost the ranking points of a major but not quite. A 5th Major ? I don't really want to dilute the kudos that they already have. I also stand corrected on any factual errors above as were off the top of my head. Keep it as it is id say. CAC.
  12. Cheers Chris, makes sense. Chris what has happened to this forum ? I used to use it regular about a year ago and there would be about 10 replies a day to questions and about 20 new topic every day. It seems like a ghost town. CAC.
  13. seems strange ? I take it the new driver is same spec as demo? shaft, loft, grip etc etc . cac /
  14. on my day I'm a steady player off about 15. Drives about 200yds. I think its time for a change. I think I my driver swing speed is about 80-85mph yet to be measured. after a bit of reading up on utube etc have decided I need 2 things . 1. to increase my driver swing speed to 120 mph. only joking 90-95 mph. 2. to increase my angle of attack to about +5 degrees. Any views on this plan? what order should I do 1 then 2 or 2 first then 1 ? All advice welcome. CAC.