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  1. Dear All, I am a university student at Bournemouth university studying sports management (Golf). As part of my course i have to undertake a dissertation that outlines a specific research topic. My research is focused on the issue of sustainability in golf and more specifically on the values behind why golfers would purchase golf club membership at a Golf Environment Organisation certified golf club. For this research it is required that you are a member of a golf club within the United kingdom and it is not necessary for you to have any previous knowledge of the Golf environment organization. I have devised a questionnaire that takes no more than 10 minutes to complete. The aims of this research is to allow GEO certified golf clubs to better target golfers to join GEO certified golf clubs hopefully making these golf clubs more profitable and thereby increasing the desire of other golf clubs to achieve this accreditation making the golf industry more environmentally friendly. Your participation in this study would be greatly appreciated to me and hopefully the entire golf industry. please follow this link if you wish to take part Thank you Nicholas Munro