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  1. Ron Sloane

    Golfshake 10th Anniversary Golf Day

    Thanks for the invite Darren. Can make it if it goes ahead. regards, Ron
  2. Ron Sloane

    Why aren't H/Caps based on average scores?

    I assume that Rollups changes to handicaps are only managed within the Rollup and that any changes are not to actual club handicaps. My understanding is that Handicap Secretaries should apply CONGU rules and following the guidance of the CONGU software where any other changes are applied at the annual review based on the members performance during the year. For me this is fine if most members play enough tournaments (say 10) during the year. I agree that the 3 card rule allows the situation where some members use it to protect their H/Cs especially golfers who play tournaments at other clubs such as Senior Opens. I have known some scores to be 50+ in a pairs 4BBB with H/Cs 20+. Not sue what the answer to this is.
  3. Ron Sloane

    North vs South 2016

    Is this not happening this year? or do we now have a date?
  4. Ron Sloane

    North vs South 2016 - feedback

    Can I assume that this event (NvsS) will now be in September around the Midlands? As a Northerner who drinks real ale, I could not for the life of me play for the Southern team! Thanks for any update