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  1. Are You Joining a Golf Club Next Year?

    Yeah, that does sound quite interesting. Noticed they had more clubs for this year. Maybe something for others to consider!
  2. End of Season REVIEW

    £210 a year, which is quite possibly the greatest deal in the history of human civilization.
  3. How far is too far !?

    Madness! (I've done that)
  4. End of Season REVIEW

    It's been my first year with a Resident Links Ticket in St. Andrews - meaning I can play all seven courses. Feel incredibly fortunate to be in that position and it has been a thrill to experience them all regularly, particularly the Old Course, with a highlight being in June when I played it alone in the evening as the last player out. Finished in dusk. Could barely see, but it was special to have that opportunity. Living here has brought me into contact with many different people. And the social side has really been the most positive thing. I've met and played with several people I first encountered online, including a guy from the United States who I played 54 holes with in 24 hours. His first time over. Sharing that with him was wonderful, and I've had a number of those chances this year. It's even more enjoyable than playing. Seeing St. Andrews through their eyes and sharing that with them. However, my golf itself has been fairly atrocious, with the odd bright spark. I have arthritis in my hands and haven't been able to grip the golf club properly for well over two years now, and my game has declined progressively over time. There just isn't the consistency anymore. But I remain optimistic and I cannot complain playing in St. Andrews!
  5. How far is too far !?

    I think it depends on your routines. Maybe there is a club halfway between where you work and home. My dad lives in Perth, Scotland, but works in Dundee. Which is about 24 miles away. He is a member at Blairgowrie, roughly halfway between the two. Means he can go for a game in the evenings on the way back home. Key is finding the right club. One that you're happy and content with. Discovering that is worth potentially extra journey times.
  6. Are You Joining a Golf Club Next Year?

    I would like to think not. Sounds like you've been unlucky. Hope you find a better club. If you need any help with finding potential golfers to meet, put a message out on the forum and we can push that out across Twitter and Facebook to maybe fine someone in your area. Perhaps even in a similar position to you now!
  7. Are You Joining a Golf Club Next Year?

    It's been interesting to read the changing habits of UK golfers lately. Club memberships are seemingly no longer vital, with many electing to be more nomadic, playing a variety of courses without joining a specific club. However, are the benefits of being member still enough to entice golfers to sign up? That was the topic of an article on Golfshake by Derek Clements, who gave 20 reasons why you should be a member of a golf club. What about you? Are the competitions and familiarity of a golf club appealing, or do you now seek greater flexibility in just paying as you play? Personally, I'm something of a unique example, living in St. Andrews. I have a Resident Links Ticket - meaning I can play all the courses - but I'm not a member of a specific club. Something that I am now thinking about. Intrigued to hear your thoughts and whether being a club member is something you believe is a necessity these days.
  8. What is Your Favourite Links Course in the UK? That was a topic of discussion on the latest Golfshake Podcast, hosted by myself and Owen Davies. I picked through some of my favourites in the Scottish Highlands - Royal Dornoch, Golspie and Castle Stuart - in addition to talking about my affection for the Old Course at St. Andrews, which I was coincidentally fortunate enough to play again yesterday morning. Owen mentioned the links of Royal Cinque Ports, Royal St. George's, St. Enodoc, and Goswick Links as being some of his favourites. So, the question is, what are your favourite links courses in the UK? What made them stand out from the rest? You can listen to the latest Podcast here, where we also look at some of the best areas in the country to experience seaside golf.
  9. What's the Most Scenic Course You've Played?

    Good choice! Not the monstrosity that is the PGA Centenary. Excellent! There are a number of stunning courses in northern Perthshire. Pitlochry stands out in my mind. It's not always about the "quality" of a course, but the experience that it provides you. That's what I'm like with Bute GC. It feels uniquely special to me.
  10. What's the Most Scenic Course You've Played?

    Rothesay Golf Club...
  11. If you watched the Arnold Palmer Invitational on Sunday, you would have seen Rory McIlroy hitting some incredibly long tee shots, reducing Bay Hill to a drive and pitch course at times. Despite what the R&A and USGA have stated, this is something that is becoming more commonplace, with courses continually being stretched beyond their limits. It's making the game more one-dimensional, and harder for a talent like Rory to distinguish himself, as technology has made it easier for more players to hit the ball extraordinary distances. What do you think? I've put my thoughts into a larger article, but do you even see it as a problem, or has the game been outpaced by the clubs and balls available today?
  12. Looking at the spectacular and breathtaking Lofoten Links in Norway - situated 100 miles inside the Arctic Circle - it got me thinking of some of the most scenic courses that I've played, and how did they compare with that incredible place. Fair to say that I haven't seen anything else quite like it! I'll forever have a warm attachment to Bute Golf Club, which was the formative course in my life. In terms of a setting and the tranquility, it's a real personal one for me. So, what is the most spectacular or scenic (maybe even strangely located) course that you've played?
  13. This week is the first Arnold Palmer Invitational since the legendary host passed away last year. We all know the incredible impact that he had on the game's enduring popularity from the 1950s onwards, in addition to the great charitable work he did with child hospitals, which has raised questions about the non-participation of some of the biggest names in golf. World Number One, Dustin Johnson is absent. As are Jordan Spieth, Phil Mickelson and Adam Scott to pick out a few notables. It's a busy time of the season with two World Golf Championships in the space of three weeks, leading into the Masters next month. These guys are trying to build a schedule for Augusta, and perhaps understandably don't want to play such a consistent run of tournaments before the first major of the year. That said, considering the legacy of Arnold Palmer, should they have made an exception this year to support the event and pay tribute to Arnold Palmer? It's certainly hard to downplay the emotive argument in this case.
  14. Links or Resort?

    Links or Resort? There are some incredible regions for seaside golf throughout the UK, which are widely celebrated, but there are also come wonderful inland resorts that can offer tremendous golf alongside a great hotel and spa experience. Which of these do you prefer? Golfshake's Josh Carr has picked out some examples to compare the two sides: Personally, the golf always trumps everything else, so I would always elect a links area, whether it be St. Andrews, East Lothian, Southport or the Scottish Highlands.
  15. What is Your Favourite Open Venue?

    It's just been announced that Royal St. George's will host the Open Championship in 2020. It will be the 15th time that the game's oldest major has come to Sandwich, with St. Andrews widely expected to be the venue of the 150th Open in 2021. R&A Chief Executive Martin Slumbers has confirmed that Turnberry remains on the rotation (despite its controversial owner) and that Muirfield will return providing the members vote to open up for female members. Question I have is, what is your favourite venue on the Open rotation? It can be for whatever reason. The quality of the course, location, or particular memories you have there. It goes without saying what mine is, considering I live in the Home of Golf, but I'm intrigued to see which of them stands out to everyone else?