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  1. They sound like the perfect choice for captains of both sides to me
  2. I haven't played all of them on the list, but other contenders for me would be Swinley Forest, Hankley Common and West Hill.
  3. All be it a touch belatedly, this years European Tour, Fantasy race to Dubai has been launched. I have again set up a Golfshake League to see if we are any good at spotting ability in others that we don't have ourselves on the course. Log on to European tour Fantasy race to Dubai, create an account and choose your team. https://fantasyrace.europeantour.com/ The format has changed again this year, so look out for the new features. It is free to enter and for those good enough to do well nationally there are some great prizes up for grabs. We have had around 70 entrants each year so far, so there is plenty of competition to get to the top. The first event is the Masters, so you have a couple of weeks to enter. The private league name is "Golfshake fantasy league 2016" and the pin you need is JOFzfjHZWul Good luck everyone
  4. Hi Jim I normally set up the golfshake league and I am in the same situation as you. The European tour site is under development at present, so I suspect once it is back up and running the Fantasy race to Dubai will go live. As soon as I am able I will set up another league for 2016. Tim G