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  1. #LeafGate - thoughts ?

    Matthew Southgate Assessed Four Shot Penalty after Leaf Strikes Ball >>>
  2. Summer golf survey

    bump. last chance to complete. Interesting results so far and the club/non club split is pretty much 50/50 !
  3. North vs South 2017

    The South retained the cup with a hard fought battle which saw the teams split 6 to 4.5 after day 1 singles but following the day 2 fourballs the South were victorious with a 13.5 to 8 point victory. Well done to @Matt Holbrook and Team South and Team North for putting a good match. For past results and history visit: For event photos visits:
  4. Another Scarborough Golf Week ends.

    Looked super week. Saw a few players we know up there who had posted pics on Facebook playing Filey
  5. This year’s event takes place on Tuesday 26th September, in partnership with Kedleston Park Golf Club. The event is a great opportunity to play a fantastic course via an event organised by Derbyshire Golf who are once again running their annual Derbyshire Golf Day, with the aim of raising funds to help the development of golf in Derbyshire. For any non club golfers simply register and QUOTE 'GOLFSHAKE' to be able to take part in a non club member competition on the day. The cost is £120 per team which is a substantial saving on the normal green fee for this fantastic course in Derbyshire. Entries are now open online here
  6. North vs South - golf only spot available

    No worries Rob. Any takers ? still on the look out.
  7. North vs South - golf only spot available

    @Rob Nutt short notice but does golf only option work ?
  8. Not something we had planned to do but as always planning the teams comes down to the wire in ensuring even teams per side. If anyone is interested in 1 of 2 limited golf only spots please let me know ASAP. Event is this Sunday/Monday. Team North have 22 players and just trying to balance out players on Team South. Event Details Date: 10/11th Sept 2017 (Sunday and Monday) Venue: Whittlebury Park Sunday tee time from 1pm Monday tee time from 9:30am There is still an overnight stay option.
  9. Top 10 Golf Travel Deals - NEW Golfshake service!

    Some new deals now live including La Manga for only £249 !
  10. North vs South 2017

    Still on the look out. Any takers ?
  11. Summer golf survey

    Feedback massively appreciated. Thanks in advance !!
  12. What length of time is your golf ball used for?

    Early days from our current survey but 53% of golfers buy new balls every 1 - 6 months. 38% purchase via a retail store with 33% purchasing online. 59% play the ball they use because it suits their game. Take part in the survey here:
  13. NEW Titleist 718 range

    Someone of your calibre. Sure you could play most clubs.
  14. NEW Titleist 718 range

    Titleist AP3 irons review