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  1. Wow! how is this even possible ?!?
  2. An extra days practice before the Golfshake event the following week
  3. Thanks Martin. Testing at present will let you know.
  4. Seen this >>
  5. Pretty much the same with Rory. When he burst on the scene you just wondered when the back troubles would occur, interestingly he massively embarked on the fitness regime like you mentioned. Wonder if this aids or hinders staying injury free in the long term ?
  6. Would be interesting to analyse the turn. Did Jack, Tom, Arnie and even Gary put that much into the turns that the likes of Rory and DJ do ?? plus added load on the rest of the joints ?
  7. Why is it - the day you are due to play midweek it rains all day and I mean all day !
  8. Just for info. All those that have said they are going we have added to the event on the Golfshake system so that we can easily communicate nearer the time. See you in 3 weeks!
  9. Our recent Podcast is well worth a listen >>
  10. 4 more years and we might have the US style slope and course rating system in place you can then take you club handicap of say 14, play at another club and get an adjusted handicap at that club.
  11. @golfshake
  12. Have you seen the 36 hole comp >>
  13. SSS calculations is pretty complex and that PDF is well worth a read. The SSS takes into account layout, size of fairways, size of greens, hazards and much much more. Interesting the actual point you made though given this, usually SSS is pretty reflective of the difficulty of a course. Maybe it is just a course that suits your style of play or do others also see it similar ?
  14. Will depend on spaces
  15. Hi not at present. To track a 9 hole rounds for stats then you need to add to a 9 hole scorecard. Let us know and we can setup for the F9 and B9 - contact support via help at golfshake dot com In terms of handicaps at present we also only track against 18 hole rounds. This is something we are looking into. Regards, Golfshake