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  1. Forum Admin

    90 % handicap event

    You would have to manually change the strokes which would then be used for the event/rounds. If you are using the event system you will see each players handicap but will have to make the Strokes adjustment yourself and apply the 90%
  2. Forum Admin often should you include rounds

    We encourage you to track every round unless you are playing in some different format, don't adhere fully to the rules or playing a course set-up that differs to that on the scorecard (ie winter and shorter)
  3. Forum Admin

    Flagstick in or out

    Great video. Here is one of ours
  4. Forum Admin

    New Rules of Golf - 2019

    Shamless plug to one of our own videos
  5. Forum Admin

    Winter Golf at Kinross

    Super offer.
  6. Forum Admin

    Mike B

    Not long now, still pretty mild but days are getting longer so more opportunity to play golf!
  7. Forum Admin


    Not bad is it !
  8. Forum Admin

    Charity event supporting Ashgate Hospice.

    Will do! Defending champs so we will be back.
  9. Forum Admin

    Worst Winter Weather You've Played Golf In

    I think the past few weeks would fit into this !
  10. Forum Admin

    Rule Forum is it alive?

    It is still going but people sporadically frequent
  11. Forum Admin

    Christmas Greetings

    Hope you were all good !
  12. Forum Admin

    Happy New Year

    HNY! 2018 golf season now up and running
  13. Forum Admin

    New Society - London - Weapons of Grass Destruction

    Great idea using MeetUp Are you using the Golfshake group section to track scores, events and results ?
  14. Forum Admin

    #LeafGate - thoughts ?

    Matthew Southgate Assessed Four Shot Penalty after Leaf Strikes Ball >>>