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  1. until
  2. Nice start to the season !
  3. These are also pretty decent - They only additional thing to add though is that both this link and the first link link to base layers to provide 'warmth' ie temps below <15 but the original question related to summer. I don't know about long sleeve polos but you can get summer specific base layes in long sleeve. I think the Under Armour HeatGear range starts at about £19 - these help cool you do but also offer UV protection.
  4. We've updated the link.
  5. If you're looking to play some of the most famous courses in the UK & Ireland, but are worried about the cost, we have put together a guide of those great venues that offer twilight rates throughout the spring and summer.
  6. Any requests to Captain the teams or nominations ? For a full history and results from years gone by check out >>>
  7. You will love it. Really good fun and 2 lovely courses.
  8. It's been 10 years since we started out and ran our first member event and a lots has changed since then particularly with what Golfshake does! Whilst we don't actively promote the individual event based system this is still used to run the society susyem and our own event scoring but we realise it's not a smooth process if you want to register for Golfshake organised events which we are running in 2017. Therefore we have now created a dedicated events page with links to the actual events plus the booking process >> See you in the fairways soon !
  9. More events being added but check out the list so far
  10. They are great fun. Social and enjoyable so you will be fine. The 36 holes in a day is great as well.
  11. Filling up fast !
  12. It's back !!! Sun/Mon 10th & 11th Sept at Whittlebury Park More info here:
  13. Given it is BritishPieWeek we thought we'd get one of the team to have a look around the country for courses with pies worth trying out. You can check out our article below but where should golfers looking for the perfect pie go ?