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    OK, working on 2 points for a par then 36 is par for the course. You need to score more than 36 to attract a cut, Don't panic, if you are returning scores of 36 you wont be far away from getting that 28 handicap down
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    OK, I have emailed the Nottinghamshire requesting the available tee time, as soon as I hear I'll post here and we will have one week to confirm and pay for the slot. I'm happy to pay up front and we could square up on the day.
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    had my sticks 'fitted' just before Christmas, this season I'm hoping to get the handicap back down to 12, if I get as low as 10 then it's going to cost ££s as I have promised to treat myself if that ever happens
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    Tempted to find a driver I can finally hit this year. Slight swing change and feeling more confident off the tee (mostly), so maybe a driver fitting will unleash some extra yardage to keep up with the youngsters!
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    Bump .... last chance This is also the direct competition page >>> http://www.golfshake.com/news/view/10613/Win_the_golf_holiday_of_a_lifetime_to_Mauritius.html
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    The difference between Par and SSS will depend on whether 36 is a true reflection on the stableford par for the course. if SSS is two shots less than par then 36 becomes 38
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    Guess what arrived today .. yes the card