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    Anything as long as you are close to the weight limit, most don't mind a bit of flex over. As others have said getting clothes/shoes in etc is a good idea to save in your hand luggage. Invest in a decent travel bag and get a padlock to be safe. I have packed a magnum of champagne (raffle prize not comp lol) in mine before as couldn't take on as hand luggage!!
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    Having flown a few times with my golf clubs I would advise sticking as much clothing, etc, into your travel bag. All the airlines are bothered about is the weight, so get it just under the weight and you will be good to go. Also, putting clothing around your clubs is an extra level of protection from damage. I managed to get all my clothing into my golf bag for my last trip. Then, I used hand luggage to take anything else I needed. Russ
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    Evening all This part of golf shake is all new to me. Have used the site for my hcap for the last 4 years or so. Will travel to play and play most Fridays and weekends. So if anyone in the surrey/kent/berks wants a game, just drop me a line. I LOVE GOLF Cheers
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    Stick everything in ! When I went to Ireland last year I took my bag and within the travel bag had a rucksac full of my gear for the trip. The travel bag also had pockets for shoes etc so there were a couple of pairs in there. On the plane I just took a small rucksac then. Goal is making sure you are under the 20kg limit !
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    So I got myself a set of Benross Gold Speed (Senior Flex) Irons when I started playing in 2016, bought without advice and for what I thought was a good price (£139, 5-SW).. Well, I've really been enjoying playing with them, but have never felt 100% confident. 2 days ago a friend of mine has had to hang up his bag due to ill health and gave me his old clubs, a set of Callaway x-18's .. So, I literally picked one at random, and very weirdly felt confident with the club, so I went to the range with them, and fired a basket of balls, each swing feeling better and better. I cannot believe how different they feel, how much more confident I feel using them, and more importantly, how much more consistency there was with my shots, possibly a placebo effect, not sure, I just know I will be able to do wonders with them. Am not being delusional, I know that I am still going to have plenty of duff shots, but I believe I will have less duff, and more balls going where I want them to.. ( was also a lot straighter with the shots)... Is it normal that there can be such a difference between clubs and the fact that the feeling of confidence does aid in improving the shots (makes sense that it could)... Any thoughts ?
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    Depends on swing speed but that should likely be an improvement over the previous shaft.
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    Haha, I dont know what shafts the X18's have but I would only assume that moving away from a senior flex shaft would make a difference - but that is hard to judge without know how fast you are swinging the golf club.
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    Sorry my fault ! Previous version worked like this: Comp/event box: this was empty and if you were registered for an event on Golfshake you could select one of those events Notes/comments: to the right of this box was the comment box which allowed 50 characters only Issues with previous version: Comments was only 50 characters Comments obviously appeared to be the events/comp box New version: I've moved a few things around to free up space and move up the score entry along with the cool stuff like showing hole strokes, auto calc of stabledford points etc. So now: Comp/event box: this is now were the old notes was but only works as mentioned above Notes/comments: this appears under the front 9 score entry and now allows 250 characters Improvements with new version: Notes/comments now allow you to enter more Notes/comments actually show on round view pages All make sense ? I'll try and tweak to make clearer, more info on updates here: https://www.golfshake.com/news/view/12046/Golfshake_Updates_to_kick_start_2018.html
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    Both confirmed. Be good to see you there
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    Just for the record I came 4th in 2016
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    Glad I took Li and Detry out my squad this week manager couldn't work with them. first week picked a team got no points, playing catch up #GreatStart