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    I remember when golf on TV was limited to the BBC and ITV and you only saw the last six holes of each round. The BBC had a dedicated sports crew who did most sporting events but ITV just took local crews. I knew a Yorkshire TV cameraman who would be filming Emmerdale Farm one day, then at Fulford for the B&H the next. ITV did have a dedicated crew for the Horse Racing so with York being televised the same week as Fulford it was simple to put the B&H on the box. The Open is, or was a big social event too, and the BBC sent pictures all over the world and still have a large presence at The Open (5 live etc). I read an article this week that said the R&A were unhappy with the "old, outdated presentation" the BBC offered yet Sky showed a 75% drop in viewing figures so it looks like the R&A got that one wrong too. If you talk to sports enthusiasts and ask where they dream of going, they usually say Wimbledon, British F1 Grand Prix, The Open Golf Championship, a Lord's Test Match, and, a FA Cup Final, Then when you ask why? It's because they first saw them on TV. On the subject of who fronts the golf. It doesn't matter to me but you need people who know the players and the game doing the interviews.
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    We are up at the Open - work, meetings, watch some golf and hopefully chance to play West Lancs & Southport & Ainsdale
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    To all those players who tuck their trousers into their socks on the course, stop it you look stupid. You wouldn't dream of doing it anywhere else.
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    Supply and demand and greed!! I've managed to do a mini tour playing lots of local opens and its been great value anything from £15 to £30 that's my limited I did ask at my last outing how much a round was £50 wow I'd paid £20 and yes its a great course but personally £50 I'd have left unhappy. I guess we all have a limited and value again I'm not fussed about spending lots but I like quality and that wow factor, the belfry has never given me that even at £25 for a winter brab visit. Gone are the days you could get 36 holes at woburn and a meal for £50 :-)
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    Our club ,Rowlands Castle GC in Hampshire has a reciprocal arrangement with Walmley GC( both formed in 1902). We played on the 4th May. The club was welcoming and the course was well tended, a great place to visit.
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    watching a quiz show earlier, and the question was.... which excuse is most widely used for men who are cheating on their partners? the team debated the question and thought the answer was working late, the top two actual reasons were.... going to the pub in second and playing golf which topped the list So, I have been banned by the wife.
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    A full week off and ready for GOLF :-) Where we at this week / weekend ???? Got a pairs event early Satruday @ Druids Heath (Walsall) and then Sunday to Fulford Heath (Wythall, Birmingham) for a singles medal Quick Practice session today @ The forest of Arden dust down the bats, goals nice to shoot in the 70s again :-) Hopefully a little softer after the rain over night, no rock hard bounces :-)
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    Am hoping to get out on Friday at Stratford Park (was Ingon), not been out at all this week, grim weather and work got in the way
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    I am more than happy that BBC have the rights, I just hope like I've said that the coverage is plentiful with presenters, interviewers and in course reporters that know hat they are doing, saying, asking etc. There are plenty of knowledgeable ex and even current golfers out there to give an invaluable insight to the proceedings. Really hope BBC don't go all cheap on the coverage.....
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    Did you not make the Saturday morning NewsWatch Similar that year when they had Michael Vaughan interviewing Tiger Woods. Nice idea but doesn't quite work. Anyone you would like to see ? Could Dan Walker present it or do you feel then need someone more ingrained in the game ?
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    On the BBC highlights Sunday night, they had a new Scottish lady presenter, Eilidh Barbour.....looks like a (almost) direct swap for Hazel Irvine. Many will remember I did not like Hazel's performances at all, so much so that I complained with evidence directly to the Head of BBC Sport. Deaf ears of course. Apparently Eilidh did the PGA back in May, but I didn't notice. She is a professional presenter who also plays golf, and time will tell if she is up-to-it. There are too many sycophants in sports interviewing, and the trend is that way, which is in my humble opinion not what good presenting and good broadcast journalism is about. I agree that Mr Gary "silly but well paid crisp advert" Lineker doesn't make the grade. Gary was a professional footballer, albeit one of the few with a brain, plays golf, but is lamentable as golf interviewer. However, I don't think he did anything at the PGA....?
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    Use anew ball every comp. All balls I've used before I either use in practice rounds or put in my practice ball bag for the range/short game area.
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    Check out Golfshake on Facebook or Twitter for the latest clubs https://www.facebook.com/golfshake https://twitter.com/golfshake Chance to win a signed Open flag by Titleist Staff player and recent tour winner Rafa Cabrera Bello https://www.facebook.com/golfshake/posts/10155608275823593 plus we have RicohWomensBritishOpen up for grabs https://www.facebook.com/golfshake/photos/a.10150113337853593.310013.21191408592/10155576630028593/?type=3&theater
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    @colinlatty lucky enough to play West Lancs GC last night - superb
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    Off to Trent Lock Golf Club this weekend, played it last November and liked it but it was a bit soggy so giving it a try in the summer. Only goal is to beat the hubs
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    I have played a few of the over £100 [at discount] and there is only one that I would have been happy to pay full price - The Castle at St Andrews All the others have left me with expecting more for my hard earned cash. I would not even think about Kingsbarns at £240.
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    It was a great day & the courses were in good nick. Played off my official club handicap of 14.
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    Thanks to everyone who came along today, hope you all enjoyed it. Well done to John Flood for the overall win with the best score on both courses. The final standings are below, hope to see you all back next year Stableford Score Avening Cherington Total 1 John Flood 37 40 77 2 James Minards 34 35 69 3 Lee Nightingale 30 36 66 4 Stuart Laws 35 30 65 5 Dave Homer 32 31 63 6 Justin Goodby 30 33 63 7 Chris Perry 32 30 62 8 Daniel Alvarez 35 26 61 9 Ian Hodgkins 35 25 60 10 Dave Ley 23 36 59 11 Martin Flemings 31 26 57 12 Steve Johnson 31 26 57 13 Rich Garner 29 26 55 14 Matt Wabe 28 23 51 15 Shaun Bethell 30 21 51 16 James Wilson 28 23 51 17 Wayne Dunn 26 24 50 18 Mark Drew 26 23 49 19 Robert Nutt 21 25 46 20 Phil Eadsforth 0 28 28 21 Jonathan Wheeler NR NR NR
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    In this situation you can mark and lift the ball nearest the hole BUT you must hold it between your fingers and not clean it before replacing.
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    Good luck to everyone, have a good day. Would love to be there but will be thinking of you as I jet off to the sun later...
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    Looking forward to see you all there. Just sorting out the final prep and getting into my zen place fo the game
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    Wishing everyone a safe journey. If you forget anything tomorrow I hope it's your swing, Darren has donated some great prizes, and I would be more than happy to take some home with me
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    Friday - Run and play in the 36 Hole comp at Minchinhampton Saturday - B team match against Cirencester Sunday - Monthly medal Monday - Try to walk!
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    played in the medal today and it wasn't pretty, used all my h/c on the front nine, lost a few balls to make it even more miserable. Thanks to Ricey155, I have been able to get a slot at Walmley GC tomorrow in ta medal Open, having looked at the course overview I had better pack an extra box of balls to ensure I get round
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    Mid-week medal on Weds kicked me, getting 0.1 back and missing my buffer by just one shot. Friday I have a Titleist matchplay singles match Most important, on Friday i will be finalising the details for the 36 Hole comp with the club
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    Go well IMC :-) medals are cool, great for the mind :-)
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    its the 27 hole championship this sunday, and I finally feel like I am getting the feel of the course off the whites, so looking for a top 10 finish. Driving range on Wednesday and going to practice my recovery shoots. They have a great rough practice area All they play at my course is medals, I long for a stableford
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    Just as a point of interest for those of you playing in this comp (and those thinking about it), the members have just received the following email from the club Minchinhampton Golf Club in conjunction with the R&A is pleased to announce that the club will once again play host to an Open Championship Regional Qualifying Competition in 2018 and annually up to and including the year 2022. So after the mandatory break (you're only allowed to hold qualifying for 7 years max then a minimum 7 year break) Minchinhampton is back on The Open qualifying rota next year. Hope you all think it's worth it