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    If you didn't know Golfshake is now 10 having formed off the back of the old Golfscoretracker system way back in 2007 ! To celebrate this milestone we are organising a golf event for Golfshake members, friends and colleagues on Monday 5th June 2017 at The Shire London. Date: Monday 5th June 2017 Location: The Shire London (North M25) Tee times: From 09:30 Format: Coffee+bacon rolls on arrivel followed by 18 hole competition (format TBC) To register simply click on the option to say you are going!
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    Just for info. All those that have said they are going we have added to the event on the Golfshake system so that we can easily communicate nearer the time. See you in 3 weeks!
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    I'm playing Monday at my home course in Filey. I'll be walking for the first time for a very long time.
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    I have just returned from a round of golf at Belhus Park Golf Club. Nikki Lewis booked it on teetimes.co.uk and we paid £4.99 each, YES, £4.99 EACH!!! This was for a 10am tee time on a Monday morning. The course was in a very good condition and the sun was shining. Has anybody else had a bargain? (obviously, not including any free rounds you have had/been given) Russ
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    Why is it - you are always stuck behind a slow group and always have a super fast group behind you!
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    Watch this space for an amazing update to Team Golfshake.
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    Todays 'Professional Sportsmen' and women will only play when they are 100% fit. In golf today, the Pro's work to a repetitive swing that they want to feel right. In the old days the guys just got the ball round, by any means. The goal being to do it in the least number of shots. They shortened swings, slowed down backswings and curtailed their follow through if they got a twinge, they knew how to adapt to take the pressure off the problem area. To answer the original question, my answer is No. Players want to over power a course, they want to get close to a green so if they miss the fairway they are only going in with a short iron so can make the putting surface. Courses are then lengthened, so the players want to hit it further, so the cycle starts again.
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    Only played Goswick a couple of times but that my favourite England course. And as most people know I love the Castle Course at St Andrews. I thinks its the whole package. stunning views, hard to read greens, its a true test of golf. When I play links I want to feel like I am in a battle, it should not be easy and that is exactly what I get from the Castle. And the staff there are great.
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    Gary Player was/still is a big fitness fanatic, but more yoga and flexibility than strength. I can understand bigger muscles being able to provide strength around joints but does that improve flexibility? I was also thinking of the magician that was Seve. You always got the feeling that given his swing he'd struggle with back and knees. On a slight aside, always got huge satisfaction from what my golf buddies and I called a Seve par. i.e the only time the ball was 'in regulation' was on the tee or in the hole
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    I had a similar promise a few years ago that I would not buy anything and if my results got me to Cat1 then a new set of irons could be bought. Well it happened and I got fit and bought new irons ... only to watch my handicap creep all the way back up to 6.6 a year or so later ! I did wonder then after that if my game was improving enough for my handicap to drop then why would I immediately change the equipment that got me those improvements!
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    So, I finally manged to string two decent rounds together. Saturday managed 39 points from the competition tees which gave me 3rd place and a cut of 0.6. I followed that with 38 points in a bounce game on Sunday, still picking up the odd n/r, I'm heading in the right direction, how about everyone else?
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    Last broke a club in 1983, but lost a club last year.
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    Play with Team Golfshake at an Open qualifying venue On Friday 19th May 2017 a charity event is being held at Kedleston Park golf club near Derby in aid of Rainbows Hospice that supports life limited children across the Midlands. We are offering the chance for a forum reader to join Team Golfshake for the event. We have a morning tee time secured. Cost is £55. This includes entry to the competition and two meals plus a goody bag. This is a substantial discount from the usual green fee price. This is for a great cause and I guarantee that you will not be disappointed by the quality of the course and venue. This is one of the Midlands best courses achieving Open qualifying status from 2018. Contact me via the forum if you are interested and available to play. www.kedlestonparkgolfclub.co.uk www.rainbows.co.uk/rainbows-events/?ee=387
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    Got the day off bring it on
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    booked the day off looking forward to it
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    This annual event is back once again at Minchinhampton GC playing both courses over the day. Lunch provided between the rounds http://www.golfshake.com/golf/view/13683/ Game Information The annual Minchinhampton 36 Hole Competition will be held on Friday 07th July 2017 and this year there is the added incentive of the competition being a qualifier for the Golfshake Open with both rounds giving a chance to qualify for the final. As with previous years, the format will be: - Bacon roll and tea/coffee on arrival 18 holes on Avening course Lunch of sandwiches and chips (rolling basis) 18 holes on Cherington course Prize giving First tee time will be 10:00 and I've got 12 tee times reserved in 3 balls so a maximum of 36 players. Cost will be £53:00 and prizes will be begged from Darren again (I've always liked you Daz!). Breakfast and lunch upgrades will be available on request when booked in advance (+£4:50 for full English, +£6:00 for lunch).
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    just had 7 shots added to my handicap but I now play off the whites
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    Will depend on spaces
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    Day off confirmed, looking forward to it. Only decision to make is to drive down on the day or stay over the night before
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    Right. I'm in and day booked off work
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    Cheers, I'm in
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    In Looking forward to losing a few balls in the aqua!
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    Stonebridge on Monday. had a family weekend, will be nice to get out and work off some of the food.. Also organising for the 72 Hole Longest Day challenge..
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    medal today and bounce tomorrow at Copsewood Grange and have just signed up to play The (FOA) Arden course on Monday. get down to copsewood on Sunday £16 for 18 holes and I'll buy the coffee and a beer after
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    Need to double check with work on Tues but should be ok.
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    Will all depend on start time and whether I can earn enough brownie points at work
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    Yep sorry. Did realise but having a nightmare getting dates in the diary with some much on this year
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    Flippin' eck Russell, off your hc you could show me a thing or two I'm sure. Great scoring Brian
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    Very good start Rob and BT Limited option at UCGC as first two holes are being redeveloped and the comps have been moved from April to October after the issue with rain through Feb/March. So first comp / medal is 14th May - having moved clubs I got 0.2 back ? so two more hacks back to 9 lol #Hacker keep it up
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    you can get summer base layers from the same outlet, and I would also recommend Woodworm, great quality, especially the polo's http://www.thesportshq.com/baselayers.aspx
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    These are also pretty decent - https://www.decathlon.co.uk/keepdry-500-adult-base-layer-black-id_8340771.html They only additional thing to add though is that both this link and the first link link to base layers to provide 'warmth' ie temps below <15 but the original question related to summer. I don't know about long sleeve polos but you can get summer specific base layes in long sleeve. I think the Under Armour HeatGear range starts at about £19 - these help cool you do but also offer UV protection.
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    I've never seen a YouT*** Pro criticize anything. This goes along with the pointless mag articles and forum topics about "what is wrong/is there anything wrong with golf?". There is nothing wrong with the sport of golf, but there are lots of courses and equipment manufacturers winging (wrongly) on about how bad the sales into golf are. Well, I don't care what the sales are in golf, I play golf for fun and sport, not to support a bloated, profit-seeking industry, that overpays players as well, and lies to try and sell me a new driver/irons/ball/glove/trolley every 6 months.