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    Went down yesterday to my local 9 hole pay and play, got to the 3rd hole and tagged on to another lone golfer. To cut along story short he told me i was `coming down over the ball` and advised me to try a halfswing after a few more holes i did hit the ball straighter. So today while the sun was shining i went again today (its only par 34 for 9 holes with no 5`s) and i had never scored lower than 50 when i used to go ther regularly years ago until today ........ i went round in 47 Just hitting the ball straight was good . I cant get back into this game seriously ie i`m not gonna buy a set of Pings and a red spider putter or some 150 quid footjoys, i think they would look a bit ostentatious when i go to the pitch and putt just thought i bore you with my happy little story Cheers eagle
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    Hello everyone, I too have contacted the above link at Flog Golf and await a reply. I'm new to Golf Shake as of today and looking for anyone to play golf with either during the week or on weekends. I live in the Sheldon area of Birmingham and have an unofficial handicap of 28. I'd welcome any opportunities to meet new golfing buddies. Thanks Brett
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    The 2017 Scarborough Golf Week prize presentation takes place tonight at Filey GC. Another great week with players and winners from all over the country, and full starting sheets too. If you don't know about this week (1st week in September each year) then keep a look out for it next year. You can come along with your family and stay in Scarborough, Filey, or Whitby and play various competitions for £12 each. The four courses used are always in good nick and its a great social atmosphere in town too. Play Whitby, Filey, Scarborough South Cliff and North Cliff during a great week. If you like that, then Bridlington have a Golf festival earlier in the year too. For the real experts, Ganton is only 10miles from Scarborough.
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    Hi thought i would sign up after being a long time lurker. Anyways am back to the gamw after four years off due to illness. Am looking forward to it, am from coventry so if anyone fancys a knock in a few weeks after me having some range time get in touch. Thanks for reading. P.S. my handicap was 10. Ryan.
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    15-2 is about a Substituted Ball 15-3 is about a Wrong Ball
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    had my best days with maramum blades but so unforgiving and these days distance is amazing with Callaway XRs tennis rackets and they feel so solid. I've had my days swapping clubs every 6 months did that in my late teens, early twenties :-) get comfy and stick with it :-) #Groove
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    They look superb and very bling. Not sure the glitter can improve my game tho #NoSale
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    Quiet week again, life gets in the way and a brother getting married on a golf day #WTF #Saturday So Sunday knock only for me - Home club pairs event :-( I prefer single medals :-) Anyone here ????
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    Sounds good Bob and I'm 68 more details please best Regards mike
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    If you are aged 55 or over, and prepared to travel a little distance? I am a member of the Dad's Army Golf Society, based at Ruislip GC for our normal match days. We also have the occasional "away days" at other local courses, like Haste Hill, Northwood and others within reasonable travel time. Let me know if you are interested and I'll let you have more details.
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    Speed golf.. first person to rock up and play at the tee
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    I still can hardly believe it happened - I know that I've been playing pretty well just lately, but my back 9 on Wednesday was incredible! At Haste Hill, Northwood, a Par 68 course that I find quite difficult, I was reasonably content with my gross 47 on the front 9, so a net 36 (+3). But the back 9 for me was astonishing - Par 5; Par 3; Bogey 5; Birdie 3; Par 4; Bogey 5; Par 4; Par 3; and Bogey 5, for a gross 37, thus net 27 (-8). So an overall gross 84 and net 63 (-5) playing off 21. A Personal Best for the course, equalling my PB anywhere else! My previous best at this course was a 94, with several much bigger scores. so can hardly believe where this score came from. But would you know, in true golfer fashion, it could have been even better, as I missed several gettable putts, plus incurred a couple of penalty strokes for ditches!
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    Well done eagle128, Good to hear that you are having some joy, it's those bits that keep us going back to do it again and hopefully more often. I've had a real purple patch this last week. A 3rd place Monday, 2nd Tuesday, Win Wednesday, 2nd Thursday and another win yesterday! So I think there are plans to present me with the Golf Society Bandit trophy next week, if I keep it up! - Although only one of the scores was sub par (another PB gross 84/63). So I'm just playing fairly consistently, mainly at just about my handicap level!
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    Family stuff really gets in the way of real life :-)
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    Sounds good. I tends to be down at weekend as during the week I am working in Leeds. If we can arrange one weekend or evening when you are free though that would be good
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    Hi Rob, That would be fantastic. I'd love to arrange a game. What days of the week are you normally in Loughborough? I have my kids 3 out of 4 weekends. But generally I'm free Mon to Fri and Sunday late afternoon early evening. Regards
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    Wow! thanks! Great! I try to win
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    Wow looks amazing Hang on, i live there DAMN HOT