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    I think its a bit catch 22. If you buy 1 your distance control will improve as you will continually be able to assess if your shot is long / short etc. and the better you get the more use you will get through club selection. It also gives more focus to your shot with less doubt as to whether the club selection is correct. Maybe start with a second hand garmin gps at about £60 Then as you improve stretch to a flag spotter type for more accuracy. Dave.
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    Difficult to answer as I'm probably not the norm when it comes to being a member. PlayMoreGolf works perfectly for me other than the bad idea I need 20 away points when I don't want friendly uncompetitive golf (OK maybe a few times a year) I don't want to play 2,3,4 times a week at one club however much its costs, I'm after seeing different layout and testing my new found love for the game at other courses :-) so £325 + union fees is perfect gives me the best part of £1000 to spend on adventures, like midland golf challenge £170 for 3 days. I'm pretty sure I'd not play that if I had my £1000 membership @Nuneaton £20 -£25 per medal away day is perfect and in prizes works for me.
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    I'm now into my 2nd year (and only just) of playing golf, I love every minute of it. Am in the process of joining a club now, so yes, I am one of these how has got an amazing deal, but, regardless of the deal I would have joined, as with membership there is more than just playing golf, there is a social side which means as much as the ability to wander onto the golf course as many times as you want, whenever you want. Catering for the visitors in some ways is more important, as am sure clubs with the lower membership fee's are not making much money, so to attract visitors (prospective members) deals and discounts must be made. I'd rather see a course with lot's of people on it, as I can be sure that the next year membership fee's won't be rocketing to make up for any shortfall.. Swings and roundabouts really, depends what you want from a club, exclusivity (voted in members only) to the other end of the spectrum "pay and play"... They both have their places, have played on both types of course, personally, I prefer the "pay and play" clubs that have membership, I feel more comfortable with the members (they don't have helicopters and kids called Porsche and Mercedes ) .. No offence intended.
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    although we offer deals each year to attract new members, i have yet to hear any discontent from the membership. our green fees change regularly, in the height of summer the cost is £12/£16 for 9 holes /18 holes, during autumn the price drops to £10/£15 and during the winter we only charge £8/£13, this is due to being on a flood plain, so even when open the course may not be at it's best during the wet season. i play my home course at least 70 times a year, so even at the reduced rate it's cheaper to pay £480 for a seven day membership. only a few years ago my yearly fees were £525, i'm now paying £1 a week less than I was, the policy of the club is to 'make membership pay' visitors fees have been removed so, any golfer who plays 18 holes of golf a week would benefit from being a member