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    Due to being unemployed this time last year I had to let my membership lapse. Now, I'm ready to get back to playing some golf. My job means that I have to work every other weekend, and I work nights. I went to my old club to see what membership options they had. These are the three options they had for me. 1) Seven day member (£1155 per year) 2) Five day member (£836 per year) 3) Freedom play (£245 fee and the option of buying points) I tried to work out how many rounds of golf I would be able to play during the year. My best estimation was eight three rounds. So, the seven day option would be no good to me. I only have every other weekend to play and would never be able to play straight from work. The five day option is just as bad for me. I would never play for six months of the year as it would be dark when I wanted to play. This left the freedom play. Having looked at the cost of the points it wouldn't be value for money for me. And, I cannot understand what I get for the £245! Now, seeing as most golf clubs as short of members, I would have thought they would have been bending over backwards to get new members in. There must be loads of people out there who would like to join a golf clubs for the summer months, but it appears the golf clubs don't want these people. I'm now looking at what other golf clubs local to me are offering. Russ
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    Yes golf clubs do want members, but they need full time long standing members. Why, running a golf club has to be done financially and is worked out from the previous seasons funds. Because it has greenkeepers to pay it will have a steward cook cleaners maybe even a full time Manager/Secretary, all need to be paid. Also council tax utility bills insurance, plus the upkeep of the clubhouse. You've got your jobs how about all these other people who work at golf clubs. So stop moaning and think about others who work in these club's that you only want to be part time member's at. These clubs need all of these members of staff so that you can have your weekly round. Peter H
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    So, I finally manged to string two decent rounds together. Saturday managed 39 points from the competition tees which gave me 3rd place and a cut of 0.6. I followed that with 38 points in a bounce game on Sunday, still picking up the odd n/r, I'm heading in the right direction, how about everyone else?
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    Flippin' eck Russell, off your hc you could show me a thing or two I'm sure. Great scoring Brian
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    Very good start Rob and BT Limited option at UCGC as first two holes are being redeveloped and the comps have been moved from April to October after the issue with rain through Feb/March. So first comp / medal is 14th May - having moved clubs I got 0.2 back ? so two more hacks back to 9 lol #Hacker keep it up
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    you can get summer base layers from the same outlet, and I would also recommend Woodworm, great quality, especially the polo's http://www.thesportshq.com/baselayers.aspx
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    These are also pretty decent - https://www.decathlon.co.uk/keepdry-500-adult-base-layer-black-id_8340771.html They only additional thing to add though is that both this link and the first link link to base layers to provide 'warmth' ie temps below <15 but the original question related to summer. I don't know about long sleeve polos but you can get summer specific base layes in long sleeve. I think the Under Armour HeatGear range starts at about £19 - these help cool you do but also offer UV protection.
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    https://www.decathlon.co.uk/simple-warm-mens-top-white-id_8343544.html decent quality at a very low price, wash well too. I have a few and find them suitable for the golf course other colours available
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    I've gone full circle with gamegolf, I tried the app only and liked it, bought the tags and used my NEXUS 5 and the NFC function worked OK but NFC is so small I faffed about with it. so sold the tags and left it alone, until I got a call about 6 months ago from gamegolf asking why I'd stopped using it. Cut it short I went through forgetting shots and so on, the software was OK but needed improving. adjusting pin positions for 2nd putts is annoying? I mean your hardly going to be 20ft away after your 2nd putt (they got better) It's been excellent the LIVE belt unit works so much better and you hardly forget as it's far bigger sweet spot for NFC over my phone. So I'm converted and yes I only hit my driver on average 250yrds, which is real over the 280 I thought LOL and my dispersion is poor along with my GIR and Fairway hits . compared to scratch golfer I lose 4.36 shots around the greens OUCH, putting only 0.67 - I work on my short game but nerves are shot LOL great piece of kit for me, I love stats and easy stats, if your on it give us an add Ricey155 as always
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    Hi all is there anything else like GolfEmpire for searching and booking comps about ?
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    Chris, can I request a hot sunny day please
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    Thumbs up for GolfEmpire - not sure you will find anything else more comprehensive As mentioned there is the Happygolf website and booklets plus Opengolfcompetitions - https://www.opengolfclubcompetitions.co.uk/
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    Want to win the same PUMA Golf shirt that Rickie Fowler will be wearing at The Masters this Friday? Then check this out: http://woobox.com/5emh9n
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    Then some of those members a Club does have questions the wages shown on the Balance Sheets. If they want the Pro Shop open and lessons available all of the time, that's two wages. If they want food available all the day, that's two or even three wages. If they want the Bar open that's another two wages at least. They want a well presented course, that's another four wages. So that is over £150,000 pa on minimum wage. Or £250 pa for each Member if they had 600 members.
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    Episode #2 - Masters reaction >> http://www.golfshake.com/news/view/11050/Golfshake_Podcast_2_2017_Masters_Reaction.html Direct link to Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/user-380153271-976128407
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    Ricey155 - The £100 a year is to join the membership section at a local course. The organise all the competitions at the golf club. This means I can continue to play competitions, which I do enjoy. Being as it is an old council course, the yearly membership is totally separate to the membership section. At my previous golf club, I did enjoy the medals and especially playing for the golf club against other clubs. Playmoregolf are at Maylands GC, which is very near to me and not a bad golf club/course. Again, I will have to look at how many times I think I will play to see if it's worth the money. Russ
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    Just to give an idea. If you join a Club that is part of the 1906 Club, you get courtesy on courses like Fulford and Crans-sur-Sierre. James Braid associated Clubs give discounted GF's so Blairgowrie would drop from £70 to £40, Boyce Hill from £45 to £25 and The Monmouthshire from £48 to £23. So it can be a good idea to see what associations a Club has before you join.
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    A six month deal sounds great for the member, but not so much for the club ... to allow a player to only use the course for the summer months would be detrimental to the club, unless they weight the deal to be 3/4 of the full membership, and then the member would not consider it to be such a good deal. a club needs cash/income for the full year and needs to be able to know that it has this money available to enable them to continue maintenance throughout the year. They would have to make this deal available to all members and if too many decided to take up the deal they would be in huge financial difficulty.
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    They sound like the perfect choice for captains of both sides to me
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    I doubt it would change...just remember a long debate last time, and I was right on the cusp i'll try and help Team South retain the trophy
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    Whilst we were recently visiting The K Club we went down to play at Portmarnock Links - Wow, what a stunning golf course. If you're ever over there and have some time go and give it a try. Short video of the course below.
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    ok ive got an account. Count me in :-)
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    I'll second Matt for South captain...
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    Probably a stupid suggestion but what about giving all holes that are blobs or NR the equivilent of a net bogie or 1 spabelford point just for the adjustment of a handicap. IE man A returns 36 pts with 3 blobs and wins the comp and keeps his handicap intact. My suggestion would be he still scores 36 pts for the comp but gets 39pts for his handicap and pos a 3x 0.4 deduction. ( depend on CAT ). CAC
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    Only on 4 holes on the one course. They are 10, 11, 12 and 13 mind so it does shove it in your face a bit. No water at all on the other but the rough makes up for it
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    I was told by my PGA Pro, only to have 30 balls at the range, each ball should be hit with a purpose, be that a chip into the net, a drive or an iron to a set distance/target. set up each time as you would on the course, anymore than 30 and the boredom starts
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    looking forward to it, hills am ok with, water, does seem to attract me.. Chips !!!
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    The guy you need is Dave Ward : flogsociety1@gmail.com