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  2. I went for a knock around with these guys at the weekend... Had a great time, and Birmingham based
  3. With St Davids Day just around the corner, it got me thinking which is the best course/destination to play golf at in Wales? I have not played a lot of golf in the country, but remember a brilliant holiday to Cardigan when I was younger and playing the course every day. Loved every minute!
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  5. Hi I am in West London, also looking for golf buddies week days or weekends and don't mind which courses either
  6. Hi I am in west London, always looking for someone to play golf with, have played Dukes Meadows, pretty flexible with days and times and courses as I have a car. cheers
  7. My 100th post! If anyone lives near by, we can offer 18 month membership from April 1st for only £795. See our web site.
  8. A wide range available, from Ganton with The Greyhound at the end of the road for over £100 a day to the likes of Hornsea and Whitby. All depends on what you want to spend. Bridlington and Scarborough both have Golf Weeks each year so you could take one of them in.
  9. Try Close House golf course..has two courses. Bit further north than Richmond though sorry
  10. Looking for some where to go for a couple of days golfing for around 12-15 people. preferably not a chain type resort course but something a bit more members club plus pub in the village to stay. Wanting somewhere in the north of England eg North yorks perhaps as far north as Newcastle/Alnwick probably further east than west. Thinking somewhere like Richmond. GO!
  11. 13 for me, unlucky for some. Sad to see that there are only 3 courses from Yorkshire in there. You lot are missing out on some great courses not coming further North than Birmingham, soft southerners!! There are loads of little gems in Yorkshire
  12. This is a nice read from Ed. I know I am guilty of just bashing balls down the driving range. I wonder how much more effective my practice would be if I used Ed's methods:
  13. Hi all, Just wanted to give you a heads up that there is a nice little comp on Golfshake right now. We have teamed up with SuperStroke to give away a set of their S-Tech grips as used by Sergio Garcia and Jordan Spieth: Good luck!
  14. hi all, took a video of my swing ( big mistake lol ) lots of problems but biggest that may solve a few others is my body sway. anyone got any tips , drills to get rid of this ? see video and laugh. cac. Cheers in advance.
  15. Thank you both. I thought this was the case but others differed.
  16. There is no limit
  17. Hi I looking to play some more golf during the week, I'm located in Radlett Hertfordshire, member of Radlett Park Golf Club, 22 handicapper (falling), happy for you to join me at my club or visit others. Get in touch if you fancy a round. Best regards, Steve
  18. I've not known what summer golf is like yet Something to look forward to
  19. I LOVE playing in the winter. When I go to work in the dark and come home in the dark its great to get out into the daylight, fresh air and play golf. Happy days!
  20. I have to go for Royal Troon over St Andrews because I always think the atmosphere at Troon spreads further from the course. Also the 'home' of The Open is just up the road.
  21. I got myself a cheap one, still use it. It's not really about sharpening the grooves, it's just opening the lower ones up a bit because the edges roll over. Takes a bit of practice to use one on the later V grooves but it's not that hard to do. Always clean the mud out first and use a little drop of oil to lubricate the sharpener. I then use my carborundum oil stones to hone the face flat afterwards - that does sharpen the edges! Then clean again. Only problem I found was that it took the paint out of the bottom of the grooves.
  22. Superstrong hopefully? Not tried the irons but used to use their woods and still have a couple of wedges. Well made bits of kit, reasonably priced for the specification.
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  24. It's just been announced that Royal St. George's will host the Open Championship in 2020. It will be the 15th time that the game's oldest major has come to Sandwich, with St. Andrews widely expected to be the venue of the 150th Open in 2021. R&A Chief Executive Martin Slumbers has confirmed that Turnberry remains on the rotation (despite its controversial owner) and that Muirfield will return providing the members vote to open up for female members. Question I have is, what is your favourite venue on the Open rotation? It can be for whatever reason. The quality of the course, location, or particular memories you have there. It goes without saying what mine is, considering I live in the Home of Golf, but I'm intrigued to see which of them stands out to everyone else?
  25. Hi there. I am looking for company to play mid week or during the weekend - quite flexible really. My H/C is 22. I would also like to join an established society - details would be appreciated.
  26. Hi anyone try the superstring MD irons
  27. I don't think so but maybe @AAA will be able to answer
  28. OK, I have emailed the Nottinghamshire requesting the available tee time, as soon as I hear I'll post here and we will have one week to confirm and pay for the slot. I'm happy to pay up front and we could square up on the day.
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