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  2. It's just been announced that Royal St. George's will host the Open Championship in 2020. It will be the 15th time that the game's oldest major has come to Sandwich, with St. Andrews widely expected to be the venue of the 150th Open in 2021. R&A Chief Executive Martin Slumbers has confirmed that Turnberry remains on the rotation (despite its controversial owner) and that Muirfield will return providing the members vote to open up for female members. Question I have is, what is your favourite venue on the Open rotation? It can be for whatever reason. The quality of the course, location, or particular memories you have there. It goes without saying what mine is, considering I live in the Home of Golf, but I'm intrigued to see which of them stands out to everyone else?
  3. Hi there. I am looking for company to play mid week or during the weekend - quite flexible really. My H/C is 22. I would also like to join an established society - details would be appreciated.
  4. Last week
  5. Hi anyone try the superstring MD irons
  6. I don't think so but maybe @AAA will be able to answer
  7. OK, I have emailed the Nottinghamshire requesting the available tee time, as soon as I hear I'll post here and we will have one week to confirm and pay for the slot. I'm happy to pay up front and we could square up on the day.
  8. Rob sounds good to me, fancy a knock there some excellent reviews !
  9. great video Matt!
  10. HI Richie, are you a member of a club?
  11. I've played Ullesthorpe a few times, I'm sure you'll have fun, I'll check my diary over the weekend, if I'm free on May 7th would you like to book the Nottinghamshire, only one spot remaining so no guarantee of a good tee time
  12. Pricey are you SImon Price ?? onyl ask as were booked in at 10am
  13. Well I signed up TO PMG for 2017 £341 inc union fee's my new club is Ullesthorpe I've got 110 points £2.95 per point, comp day early Sunday is 8pts, afternoon 6pts etc If I played today it would be 4 points £11.80 Works for me I#d rather practice and then play comps over social hacking :-) £21 for the nottinghamshire seems a good deal ?
  14. Just about to book the gents singles event on the 6th June £25 a man :-) following day I have Nuneaton open pairs busy weekend
  15. Enville was stunning and to be honest I could not believe after the day before rain downfall, how it could be completely DRY JUST WOW Lovely set up with chipping area and range etc, bar staff great. only downside pain in the arse to get to from Coventry, band the wrong side Of Birmingham #Traffic Next mission 16th March Sutton Coldfield :-)
  16. I loved the Wilson D300, very unlucky not to make the list!
  17. Is there a limit to the number of ladies QUALIFING 9 Hole competitions my club can run throughout the year ?
  18. Is there a limit to the number of ladies QUALIFING 9 Hole competitions my club can run throughout the year ?
  19. Just need to ensure this new swing is engrained, been a long slog !
  20. Coming over to see Melvin with me then Darren?
  21. Yes, Exactly. Season doesn't make any differences to me actually. I am playing golf in every season. Playing golf is my passion. and I am a avid Golfer and I won over 20 tournaments including the BMW International event. I Really Like to Connected with Emirates Golf Club. I am Closely associated and Senior Manager of Emirates Golf Club. Emirates Golf Club has 18-hole and par 3 courses, it boasts a state-of-the-art golfing academy, quality restaurants within its iconic sail-shaped clubhouse and idyllic setting.
  22. Same plan here. Need to get a bit more consistency and then off for a custom fit. I did recently hit the Wilson D300 and was pretty impressed, seemed a lot more forgiving compared to my super old Nike SQ driver which is probably 11 years old !
  23. That's another of my goals. Practice more, play more, enjoy more and then treat myself to some new custom fit clubs
  24. had my sticks 'fitted' just before Christmas, this season I'm hoping to get the handicap back down to 12, if I get as low as 10 then it's going to cost ££s as I have promised to treat myself if that ever happens
  25. Anyone ever found the "magic" golf move ? I think I found it last night at the range but I can't tell anyone in case it all goes wrong again Joking aside I'm on a winter plan to have lessons which resulted in some major tweaks to my swing which will be good in the long run. However, one week it is all okay and the next I'm back to chopping it everywhere !!! After an absolute shocker last week with @Matt Holbrook I was ready to pack up but last night at the range was all good again so the buzz is back ! So, anyone else been doing any winter prep and set any 2017 goals ?
  26. Tempted to find a driver I can finally hit this year. Slight swing change and feeling more confident off the tee (mostly), so maybe a driver fitting will unleash some extra yardage to keep up with the youngsters!
  27. Ok, who is excited about the new drivers for 2017? Some great new gear out there this year. Huge launch from Callaway with the EPIC and some really solid offerings from the likes of Titleist and Srixon, not to mention a first from COBRA which will help with stat tracking! Check out my Top 5 drivers of 2017, let me know what you think! Are you excited about any of these or are they a flop in your opinion. I would love to hear your opinion. Also how could we make these videos better for you guys, very much open to suggestions.
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