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  2. Just ran a few polls online for this but would be interested to hear your thoughts in this post. Do you change your golf ball when it gets to Winter?
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  4. The Golfshake team have launched a new web site which allows you to track where you have played into an easy list with a map and rank those courses. Additionally you can track where you want to play in your own golf bucket list. Check out the Where I Play Golf website here:
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  8. anything you can get yours hands on tbh, if your single figures then the old balls yu use in the round especially for short game and 100 yrds in etc. Range balls are nasty low compression rubbish you get zero idea of distance control etc.
  9. Is this to play with or just practice? If just practice, then I would say a box of cheap lake balls will do as you will not be so worried about losing them or someone else picking them up by mistake. If to play with I think you need to try as many different balls as you can and see which you get on best with.
  10. Shows how long ago I last played, maximum handicap was 28/36 and even then you came across your fair share of bandits, having a HC of up to 56 is just mental in my opinion, how could a player like myself who practiced to get their club handicap down to 11 and society down to 6 ever compete with such high handicappers. Personally If I had the chance to enter a competition with a handicap limit lower than my own, (bearing in mind I've not played for 16 years and expect no more then a 28 hc) I would either not bother or enter for the experience alone, as I think playing with better players helps improve your own game too.
  11. Entry to comps may be limited by handicap normally for two reasons. 1) to limit the size of the field 2) to maintain the quality of entry (often done at county or national level) But if neither of these apply and the club simply wants to prevent high handicappers winning, then they may limit the handicap for winning prizes (to 24 say) and allow entry to any player BUT the player's full handicap MUST be used for handicap purposes.
  12. Which is the practice ball for beginner? 1. PrideSports Practice Ball 2. SKLZ Impact Golf Ball 3. Crown Sporting Goods Polyurethane Plastic Golf Ball 4. Callaway HX Practice Golf Ball 5. Almost Point3 Practice Golf Ball 6. The Floppy Indoor Practice Ball 7. Orlimar Golf 36 Practice Ball 8. MAXZOLA INC Luminous Night Golf Ball 9. SKLZ Mini Practice Ball Plastic 10. Intech Golf Foam Practice Ball
  13. I have just been fitted for a set of clubs, and to be honest I was amazed at how much difference subtle changes make, a little tweek here and there make all the difference. I found that steel shafts do not suit me although I'd probably learn to adjust and the head 1 degree flat enables me to hit the ball so much better, in the end the figures do not lie, you can see in numbers what works and what doesn't and go from there, personally I would not buy a set of clubs without them being fitted.
  14. I am a firm believer that having not only a set of decent clubs, but fitted to you can make all the difference in golf, I started playing with a set of Hippo's and my mates used to give me stick over how long a round would take, I got fitted for a set of Taylor Made Burner Bubbles and went from never hitting a golf ball in my life to an 11hc within a year, I used to give them one shot per hole and still beat them, they did not think it was so funny then. Having not played for 16 years I have just been fitted for a set of Taylor Made M6 irons and woods to get me back into golf and am looking forward to getting my handicap back down to where it was if not better. So yes, decent clubs inspire confidence.
  15. To be honest I was hoping someone would have posted an answer to this question because Hybrids confuse the hell of of me too. I am just getting back into golf after 16 years or so and used to have a Driver 3&5 woods, 3 to 9 irons and 3 wedges. Now I can only buy from a 4 iron to sand wedge, driver and 3 wood, don't people hit long irons any more?
  16. I have the Dri edition Powakaddy bag and don't have a problem with my Odyssey 2ball putter, the size of the head keeps it from falling into the putter slot.
  17. Hi all, I am Rob from Southampton, I have not played golf for about 16 years or so, I was an 11hc at my last club (Romsey), my old society made me play off 6 which was a bit harsh but stopped me winning anything, looking to get back into it again and have just joined Boundry Lakes club and will be looking for people to play with ,once my clubs arrive from Taylor Made. I had a stroke in 2014 so need to get out for the exercise, but it's like starting all over again, I seem to have lost loads of distance and my swing speed has dropped from 85mph to 58mph so it's going to be a steep learning curve to get back to where I was, but I will get there I am sure. Hope to hear from some locals soon. Rob.
  18. Hi im Tony 51 based in Barnsley. Looking for someone to play a round and share a buggy. ive had a long lay off but used to play off 12 . I recently moved back to Barnsley. Happy to travel.A little rusty but im hitting the ball well at the range. Give me a ring on 07765 987903 if your interested or drop me a line. Thanks for reading
  19. Hi I'm tony 51 just getting back into the game after a long lay off. I'm looking for someone to play a round and share a buggy with me. I've recently moved to Barnsley but im happy to travel within reason. I used to play off 12 but im a little rusty but im hitting the ball well at the range. I look forward to hearing from you.
  20. Watching what speed you develop. The flexible shaft also has its advantages, you must understand what type of players you are to choose the right club. Professional golfers and can play with such stable clubs, yet it will be difficult for them to perform lateral twisted strokes of the draw and fade. At the same time, it will be extremely difficult for an inexperienced golfer to play with a club intended for a professional. In this article you can see how to choose a golf club that suits you.
  21. Hello. Hope to learn a lot here.
  22. A golf simulator allows golf to be played on a graphically or photographically simulated driving range or golf course, usually in an indoor setting. It is a technical system used by some golfers to continue their sport regardless of weather and time of day in converted premises. Simulators have been available since the early 1970s, and systems range in cost from compact units costing well under $200 that work with a computer or video game console, to sophisticated ones costing tens of thousands of dollars. Advanced systems may utilize a dedicated room, hitting screen, projector, and other paraphernalia. Simpler simulators typically do not possess built-in software, but measure the movement of the hand-held sensor and feed the information to the video game. The information received is then translated into an action of some sort, usually hitting the ball. More advanced simulators often come with their own software, allowing the user to use the system as if they were on a driving range. Relying on a battery of environmental sensors, the software tracks each shot and represents the entire shot, from impact to how the ball bounces visually on screen. In this way, the golfer has a detailed analysis of the entire flight of the ball which can be used for practice or training. It utilizes a projected landscape, sometimes with natural images. A computer calculates the expected trajectory of the golf ball from data gathered on the swing, and the image of the golf ball flight is then simulated on the screen via a projector. Golf simulators need to present club speed, club path, clubface angle at impact, ball speed, ball path, horizontal and vertical launch angle, and spin. There are several types of measurement systems used in golf simulation to achieve this, such as simulator mats, sonic sound systems, optical sensor arrays, radar and camera ball tracking systems.
  23. Can a mod add "derby", "derbyshire" and "eastmids" tags to this please?
  24. Hi Phil I've sent a PM. Nottingham not too far from Derby
  25. Hello I'm a 40yr old - run own business so can be flexible. Looking for golfers in the east midlands to meet up with. Long term injury keeping me from joining club but would be up for a few rounds a month. Used to play of 13 - but happy with any standard. Ta, Liam
  26. Hello. I'm Derby-based but would be up for travelling - half way as above... Used to play a fair bit but recovering from shoulder/elbow injuries so not a club member at the mo. Ta, Liam
  27. Hi, I'm going to be over near Abersoch on the afternoon of Friday 13 September and looking to play at Abersoch or Porthmadog. Anyone out there fancy a round with me?
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