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      Important Golfshake Handicap updates   18/04/18

      Just in case you missed it earlier this year but several key updates went live on the Golfshake site specifically around the golf handicap system for individual and society golfers.  The system now allows max handicaps of 54 for all.  More information available here: https://www.golfshake.com/news/view/12117/Golfshake_Updates_Handicap_to_54_Society_Event_Scoring.html Additionally for information on how to get a golf handicap check out: https://www.golfshake.com/golfhandicap/
    • darrenram

      2018 Golfshake Updates - Improve Your Game   18/04/18

      Lots of updates have gone live early in 2018 focused around improving the score tracking service we provide, improved golf stat tracking and analysis, shot tendency and updates to improve the data we provide you around benchmakring your game and providing insights into your strengths and weaknesses.     For more information on all the updates to Golfshake visit: https://www.golfshake.com/news/tag/golfshake/  

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  2. Did you see the recent updates to Golfshake and the score tracking ? well worth reading this on how you can get the most out of Golfshake and what the recent 2018 updates mean and how you can use to analse and improve your game https://www.golfshake.com/news/view/12405/Did_you_want_to_improve_your_game_Golfshake_is_ready_to_help.html
  3. club washers and dishwashers

    I've no idea of the effect on the balls or dishwasher but heard of a few people doing this. In terms of golf clubs did you ever seen any of the club cleaning systems at golf clubs ? a few years back you used to see a lot but they have pretty much disappeared now.
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  5. seeing as how many courses have ball washers on the tees, why not have club brushes for cleaning the clubs. Also, as to the quality of the ball washers, usually worn out brushes, or dried out water, will it hurt the ball to put in the dish washer. I have, and they come out sparkling, but hard to see if the quality of the ball was damaged.
  6. Last week
  7. 'Play Your Best' Stats feedback

    It went live 5 minutes after I posted this If you ever just went to pull out your raw stats round by round for more than 5 (that is all you get on the career stats page) then go to the round section: Login - My Golfshake - Rounds - Full Round Data you can filter up to 100 rounds, set to stat track only and then click the tabs to get the full info round by round.
  8. 'Play Your Best' Stats feedback

    Hi Darren, OK perfect, let me know when it's done and i'll take a look. Yeah I added in my round from last weekend and just about to do this weeks, so will take a look at the various reports once there's a couple of rounds of data in there.
  9. 'Play Your Best' Stats feedback

    The fix for this will go live this week. Did you see the visual shot tracking stuff ?
  10. Handicap Reports - Handicap History

    Hi Sam, just checking back in on this. The system pulls this from round data and should show your handicap at the start of the year and end of the year for the past 5 years. The current year should then have the current month showing you current Golfshake handicap. When you add your rounds are you tracking for handicapping purposes or purely using Golfshake for stats ? TBH all the reports and analysis is based off your current handicap so if you don't track handicaps against rounds and use the manual adjust to put inline with a club handicap this will be fine.
  11. I've recently moved to Wiltshire and would like to join a well organised golf society. I don't think a membership at a club will suitable because of work commitments. A society that plays at weekends and travel to different courses would be ideal. I played to 8 last year so I'm a competent player. Thanks for any help with this.
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  13. New Beginner

    HI scuba 17 Happy to look at all options for some casual play so please send the info on. Based in South Leeds so if any of your members over this side of the city went to make contact would be good Thanks for getting in touch LLwarden
  14. New Beginner

    Hi Guys, I chair a relatively new (2 years old) golf society, predominantly based out of North/West Yorkshire, however, we do have a couple of members based in Scotland and the Midlands. We originally set up as a group of friends, following retirement from an amateur football team, Harlow Hill FC in Harrogate. We have 12 members but are looking to build on this and are keen to welcome anyone looking to play some semi regular golf within a society outside of a club environment. We have a good range of golfers, mainly at the higher end of the scale, ranging from 16 through to 36. We try to promote fairly regular games/matches with cup competitions and aim for a couple trips a year, either domestically or abroad. Any interest please let me know and I'd happy to share more info.
  15. Noob Head Golf Course

    Is this a real club- anyone been there? suspect not, but funny
  16. Hey Taz I live in appleton but am a member at Styal. New to the area so still getting my first 3 cards in but play off around low 20’s and am 30 years old. im a bit obsessed too so feel free to get in touch if you want to organise a round! Cheers, Jason
  17. I’m a member at Styal but don’t know anyone there as I’m new to the area. I’m a similar cap to you and am 30. Would be happy to organise a round sometime. Cheers, Jason
  18. Zepp golf

    big fan of the no lies video camera over a paid lesson :-) if I'm totally off then I'd pay £30-£50 but if it aint broke I'll just stick with the video. @Sam Ruddle
  19. New Beginner

  20. New Beginner

    Evening, Came across this post I’d be up for some casual rounds. Only really started playing a couple of years ago and had a few lessons I’m probably 20-22 I’m based north Leeds but played Manor etc a few times and plenty of choice where I am. Have a few golf days to attend to so needing the practice.. let me know!
  21. Practicing the short game

    @Cecil what about the good old driving range ? not quite game style practice, unless they have a grass hitting area, but they will likely have markers set at certain distances.
  22. Cobra ultralight trolley bag

    I've used Clubhouse Golf, no problems,
  23. Practicing the short game

    I'm not a member of a club at the moment and round here the local parks/police would be straight on that... There are lots of clubs near me but I've not yet approached them about the use their practice facilities yet. I'd imagine they'd not be too receptive to the idea... unless I can find a pro who needs tickets to the pro golfers ball .
  24. New Beginner

    Hi Graeme thanks for your response. Would be good to meet up at some point. I'm available most evenings(after 4:30 normally) and weekends so happy to fit with your availability. I will E Mail you my mobile number. Look forward to hearing from you and hopefully getting a round together.
  25. New Beginner

    Hi mate, I'm South Leeds based and The Manor is my local course. Also played Lofthouse. If you ever want to meet up for a round, just drop me a message. Cheers, Graeme
  26. Practicing the short game

    Bet the ground keepers love you is there not a practice area or bit of grass you could stick a pull in and do the same without effecting the greens ?
  27. Handicap Reports - Handicap History

    I'll get this flagged in the support system and confirm back.
  28. 'Play Your Best' Stats feedback

    Thanks! I think we have the switch the wrong way round on this when we did the updates Will get fixed ASAP.
  29. Evening peeps!

    Welcome to the forums!
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