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  2. Hi Do you have an update with the issue of crashing after upgrading to android nougat? Thanks
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  4. The facilities exist, so no real cost to the course itself. Although who is actually making any money from this transaction is debatable. I assume teetimes take a cut of the fee, and the course receives the rest, how much is left for the course is the big question, and then how many of those tee slots at that price are available. Quite possible that the course would earn more from a quick drink the bar afterwards than from the fee itself!
  5. Very nice, don't forget the suntan lotion :-) Bank holiday Monday? got a link didn't see anything on their site.
  6. Wow! how is this even possible ?!?
  7. Visiting The Vale Resort down Cardiff way, staying for 3 days with our society. Weather looking decent too, so hopefully find my golf game to enjoy the rounds too!
  8. Sounds interesting and very good value
  9. great value, have you played there before?
  10. I have just returned from a round of golf at Belhus Park Golf Club. Nikki Lewis booked it on and we paid £4.99 each, YES, £4.99 EACH!!! This was for a 10am tee time on a Monday morning. The course was in a very good condition and the sun was shining. Has anybody else had a bargain? (obviously, not including any free rounds you have had/been given) Russ
  11. Why is it - you are always stuck behind a slow group and always have a super fast group behind you!
  12. just booked the Championship at the Nottinghamshire £18 for 2 players
  13. Just coming back after long injury to find my old buddies have moved on so I am looking to join a local society if anyone knows of one.
  14. An extra days practice before the Golfshake event the following week
  15. Watch this space for an amazing update to Team Golfshake.
  16. #HackingDotCom you haven't seen nothing yet, I will know doubt be the worst 13 h/c you've ever seen.
  17. Booked Harborne a few months back - betterball pairs open Yesterday we played Llanymynech am/am and took first place with 90pts, in high winds and let's be kind and say DAMP start :-( 30 putts and plenty of fairways, greens hit dangerous of my new (8.5) handicap (really need to get a grip and shoot a decent medal knock FAST ! Plenty of medals coming up could be off 10 soon WOW #HackingDotCom
  18. Okay. Well, having reviewed all the suggestions on here, I'd like to give my honest opinion. Based on the need to work without a WiFi nor E/3G/4G signal I'd recommend Freecaddie basic free, for 2 main reasons; no signal needed, other than GPS, and no signin/signup needed. The only caveat is that there is no green nor hazard guide on the free version. Happy to discuss.
  19. Todays 'Professional Sportsmen' and women will only play when they are 100% fit. In golf today, the Pro's work to a repetitive swing that they want to feel right. In the old days the guys just got the ball round, by any means. The goal being to do it in the least number of shots. They shortened swings, slowed down backswings and curtailed their follow through if they got a twinge, they knew how to adapt to take the pressure off the problem area. To answer the original question, my answer is No. Players want to over power a course, they want to get close to a green so if they miss the fairway they are only going in with a short iron so can make the putting surface. Courses are then lengthened, so the players want to hit it further, so the cycle starts again.
  20. Thanks Martin. Testing at present will let you know.
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  22. I have recently updated to android nougat on my galaxy s6 and the app will not open now, constantly crashes. I've uninstalled, cleared cache etc. with no change any help would be greatly appreciated
  23. Only played Goswick a couple of times but that my favourite England course. And as most people know I love the Castle Course at St Andrews. I thinks its the whole package. stunning views, hard to read greens, its a true test of golf. When I play links I want to feel like I am in a battle, it should not be easy and that is exactly what I get from the Castle. And the staff there are great.
  24. Gary Player was/still is a big fitness fanatic, but more yoga and flexibility than strength. I can understand bigger muscles being able to provide strength around joints but does that improve flexibility? I was also thinking of the magician that was Seve. You always got the feeling that given his swing he'd struggle with back and knees. On a slight aside, always got huge satisfaction from what my golf buddies and I called a Seve par. i.e the only time the ball was 'in regulation' was on the tee or in the hole
  25. Pretty much the same with Rory. When he burst on the scene you just wondered when the back troubles would occur, interestingly he massively embarked on the fitness regime like you mentioned. Wonder if this aids or hinders staying injury free in the long term ?
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  27. So, with another BH only 10 days away what are your plans this time? I've just put my name down to play Handsworth Wood, £20 is a steal My wife found out when it popped up on her facebook...Ooops
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