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  2. Are You Joining a Golf Club Next Year?

    I started playing golf last Aug/Sept.. And was hooked immediately, I joined a local club, and during the last year I have had very little social interaction, when I asked about getting involved in a Midweek Stableford, I was told just to find a partner. I asked how to do this within the club, the response.. Just find one Last night, was the nail in the coffin as far as the club is concerned.. I organised a social event, 10 players, 9 holes at the club on the phone, previously, my visitors have paid £10 for 9 twilight holes in the pro shop, when I phoned up and spoke to the receptionist, she told me it should be £15, when i explained that normally my guests have been paying £10, she said ok, but in future it would have to be £15.. Fair enough, not a problem... So we get to the club, the owner came out and asked to have a quick chat, and promptly told me that she was surprised at me bring so many guests (even though I had called and verified everything, booked tee's etc), and that the guests must pay £15 a head, AND that I have to go in today to discuss my membership, which for some obscure reason said she is considering suspending !!! Needless to say, I was quite flabbergasted at this, and whilst I can't say I didn't argue, I did make it clear that I was not happy and that had verified the cost, at which point she said, "it is your fault that I now will be sacking the receptionist and probably the Assistant pro for allowing guests on the course for £10".. Put quite a dampener on the evening to say the least. luckily my guests were ok with the extra fee... I'm wondering, is this kind of behavior normal for a golf club ?? Oh, there was also the incident at the beginning, where after 5 months, I was called in because (in their words) "our admin department messed up and we have not processed your direct debit form, you now owe us £xxx which we would like to you pay immediately" .. Maybe I'm at fault a bit as I didn't check to ensure that the money was being taken, I refused to cough up straight away, and promised to pay by the outstanding balance by the end of my membership year..
  3. Are You Joining a Golf Club Next Year?

    I've done the opposite and joined a club so I can play more, play when I want and play what I want ie 5 holes, 9 holes, full 18 etc
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  5. Are You Joining a Golf Club Next Year?

    I have been a member of a golf club for well over 20 years now but for the first time ever I am considering next year trying a year without membership and just paying and playing to see how it goes....choices choices.....
  6. Are You Joining a Golf Club Next Year?

    It's been interesting to read the changing habits of UK golfers lately. Club memberships are seemingly no longer vital, with many electing to be more nomadic, playing a variety of courses without joining a specific club. However, are the benefits of being member still enough to entice golfers to sign up? That was the topic of an article on Golfshake by Derek Clements, who gave 20 reasons why you should be a member of a golf club. What about you? Are the competitions and familiarity of a golf club appealing, or do you now seek greater flexibility in just paying as you play? Personally, I'm something of a unique example, living in St. Andrews. I have a Resident Links Ticket - meaning I can play all the courses - but I'm not a member of a specific club. Something that I am now thinking about. Intrigued to hear your thoughts and whether being a club member is something you believe is a necessity these days.
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  8. Golf bag items

    Does any have a lucky charm or keepsake they attach to there golf bag, i got asked about the one i have on mine by a senior citizen . Mine is the emblem for the 82nd Airbourne ,you might think why an Englishman has an an American military emblem (thats why he was asking about it) well its because the first time i took my family to visit my Aunt who was a GI Bride my American uncle who had played golf for a lot of years took me a few times (it gave him and his friend a good laugh !!!) and on his golf buggy he had the 82nd`s emblem , who he served with in WW2 , and if you ever saw another buggy or car with one on they stopped and chatted. So when my uncle passed away i found a badge he gave me and put it on my bag.
  9. Am I allowed to........

    Just a quick question re wearing a glove for pitch and putt , i don`t bother but a friend of mine says i should .
  10. Summer golf survey

    bump. last chance to complete. Interesting results so far and the club/non club split is pretty much 50/50 !
  11. Am I allowed to........

    Went down yesterday to my local 9 hole pay and play, got to the 3rd hole and tagged on to another lone golfer. To cut along story short he told me i was `coming down over the ball` and advised me to try a halfswing after a few more holes i did hit the ball straighter. So today while the sun was shining i went again today (its only par 34 for 9 holes with no 5`s) and i had never scored lower than 50 when i used to go ther regularly years ago until today ........ i went round in 47 Just hitting the ball straight was good . I cant get back into this game seriously ie i`m not gonna buy a set of Pings and a red spider putter or some 150 quid footjoys, i think they would look a bit ostentatious when i go to the pitch and putt just thought i bore you with my happy little story Cheers eagle
  12. End of Season REVIEW

    I've played a lot of golf and visited a fair few different courses during the last year. Whilst I have definitely improved as a result, this sadly isn't reflected in the scores being achieved. Yes I am very much more consistent in my scoring, very regularly hitting sub-90 now. But I haven't managed to get the lower personal best result desired. I was (still am) hoping to break 80, but have only equalled my PB of 84 several times, failing to get below it, which is very frustrating indeed! My handicap has remained pretty much the same all year as a result of my consistency, just today finally moving up to 20.5 (21) due to a 1 over score on my home course which is par 69 (but has a SSS of only 66). Perhaps when the frost makes the ground harder, I will have a chance of lower scores,. I'm not a huge hitter, so mostly score best during summer, when the ball bounces and runs on a lot more, than it does when conditions are soft and wet!
  13. North vs South 2017

    The South retained the cup with a hard fought battle which saw the teams split 6 to 4.5 after day 1 singles but following the day 2 fourballs the South were victorious with a 13.5 to 8 point victory. Well done to @Matt Holbrook and Team South and Team North for putting a good match. For past results and history visit: For event photos visits:
  14. End of Season REVIEW

    SO... with the golf season nearly over how did you fair. for me my handicap moved significantly in the wrong direction, met some new golfers and played some good quality courses for bargain green fees. Over to you
  15. Golf Holiday

    I am looking into going on a golfing holiday next year 30/06/18 for 7 nights. 4 rounds of golf with buggies included, Somewhere in Spain, Costa del Sol etc... I'm looking for prices, for flight/hotel/and transfers. There are 20 golfers in our group, plus 4 non - golfers. I need to know the all in price and no hidden extras.
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  17. Golf Partner / Society Birmingham

    Hi Andy, many thanks for your message. That would be fab and I look forward to it. For your info in case you need it, here is my number 07903131180. Cheers Brett
  18. Golf Partner / Society Birmingham

    Hi Brett, We have a couple of guys also who play off 22 and 24 so will arrange a meet up after my hols if thats okay ? Cheers Andy M.
  19. Playing with a partner precludes a score from being a qualifier. But your results must be reported to your home club if the comp was not at your course. New rule by England Golf since start of 2017.
  20. Hi, I'm looking for golfing buddies in the Birmingham area and am free to play golf most week days or weekends. Anyone interested please contact me on here or on my personal email at
  21. Golf Partner - West Midlands

    Hi Shaun I'm free most days for a game of golf if you'd like to hook up sometime. I live near Birmingham airport and play off a now unofficial handicap of 28. my email is if you are interested. cheers
  22. Hi, I also live in Birmingham, close to B'ham airport. I've been playing golf on and off for the past 20 years and after taking a years break from the game, I would love to start up again so now looking for a golf buddy to knock a round with. Perhaps if you are still looking for a game, we could meet up at somewhere? cheers Brett
  23. Golf Partner / Society Birmingham

    Hello everyone, I too have contacted the above link at Flog Golf and await a reply. I'm new to Golf Shake as of today and looking for anyone to play golf with either during the week or on weekends. I live in the Sheldon area of Birmingham and have an unofficial handicap of 28. I'd welcome any opportunities to meet new golfing buddies. Thanks Brett
  24. Another Scarborough Golf Week ends.

    missed that best add it to the to-do list for 2018
  25. Another Scarborough Golf Week ends.

    Looked super week. Saw a few players we know up there who had posted pics on Facebook playing Filey
  26. The 2017 Scarborough Golf Week prize presentation takes place tonight at Filey GC. Another great week with players and winners from all over the country, and full starting sheets too. If you don't know about this week (1st week in September each year) then keep a look out for it next year. You can come along with your family and stay in Scarborough, Filey, or Whitby and play various competitions for £12 each. The four courses used are always in good nick and its a great social atmosphere in town too. Play Whitby, Filey, Scarborough South Cliff and North Cliff during a great week. If you like that, then Bridlington have a Golf festival earlier in the year too. For the real experts, Ganton is only 10miles from Scarborough.
  27. Due to complete lack of IT ability the CGL website has now moved if anyone is interested Come on down
  28. This year’s event takes place on Tuesday 26th September, in partnership with Kedleston Park Golf Club. The event is a great opportunity to play a fantastic course via an event organised by Derbyshire Golf who are once again running their annual Derbyshire Golf Day, with the aim of raising funds to help the development of golf in Derbyshire. For any non club golfers simply register and QUOTE 'GOLFSHAKE' to be able to take part in a non club member competition on the day. The cost is £120 per team which is a substantial saving on the normal green fee for this fantastic course in Derbyshire. Entries are now open online here
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