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  3. Iain

    New to Forum From Sheffield

    Lovely stuff. Thanks so much!
  4. Veravista

    New to Forum From Sheffield

    Iain Due to some technical difficulties (they wanted money!) the site has moved yet again! Same procedure, just sign up and a mod will clear you. Game this Saturday at Wortley if you want to get in quick
  5. Hi all, I'm just getting back into swinging the club's again after some time off after my son was born. Looking to bag a round pretty regularly. Anyone interested let me know. Ta Iain
  6. Iain

    New to Forum From Sheffield

    Sorry for hijacking this thread, I'm a keen golfer. Just getting back to playing more after my son was born. Have tried the above website but it's down again. I'm chesterfield based but will travel for a game. Thanks fellas
  7. AAA

    New Rules of Golf - 2019

    And the new 'decisions' ie Interpretations
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  10. DeanoMK

    Limited Edition Cobra Bag For Sale

    I should say, it's AS used by Rickie Fowler, not the exact one he used. I'm looking for £500 for this.
  11. I was lucky enough to win this bag in a competition online, but it's far too nice for a hacker like me and I would like to try and sell it and invest in some new irons. It's a limited edition Cobra X Vessels Tour Stand Bag, made specifically to celebrate this years Open at Carnoustie and was used by Rickie Fowler. Brand new and unused. Roughly only about 10 of these in the world. Specifications: Four-way top with designated dividers and top grab handle Carbon fiber stand legs Full-length umbrella sleeve Seven pockets including an oversized apparel pocket, lockable valuables pocket and dual insulated cooler pockets Single carry strap and hip pad with COOLFLOW foam EASYFlex base allowing maximum turf contact COBRA x VESSEL Collaboration Payment via either PayPal goods and services or cash on collection. Can be delivered but would have to confirm the price.
  12. DeanoMK

    Hello from MK

    Hello, just introducing myself. I'm from Milton Keynes and currently playing off of 14. Try and play once a week but with a wife and two young children, it's not always possible.
  13. Games gone SOUTH since May bad times in 2018 

  14. Ricey155

    Golfshake 36 Hole Competition 2018

    well done looks a good day out and the weather was great. I'm pencilling this in for 2019 (I hope it runs again)
  15. Ricey155

    #LeafGate - thoughts ?

    This came back to my thoughts at the seniors open when Mark James smashes a bird on the 17th and flies sideways OB and takes 7 on the hole, surely it's the same problem moving object be it a leaf or bird diverts the ball sideways yet one is replayable NO penalty and the other he gets a penalty. RULES ARE RUBBISH.
  16. Ricey155

    Hi everyone i'm new to The Golf Shake Forum

    Not much action in here these days tbh, but welcome anyhow's :-)
  17. Hi guys, Spend the last few nights editing the video of my course vlog at Dawlish Warren GC - home of Mark Crossfield and his vlogs! Feel free to check them out and let me know what you think of a very interesting links course...
  18. Hi guys, Spend the last few nights editing the video of my course vlog at Dawlish Warren GC - home of Mark Crossfield and his vlogs! Feel free to check them out and let me know what you think of a very interesting links course...
  19. Hi there, My name is Smithy, and i'm new here! Im a 18 handicapper who plays golf in the South West area of England, Devon mainly! Any other like minded golf nuts that play in the area? I also run my own YouTube channel - Can't wait to get involved with the forum. Best, Smithy
  20. buggerlugs

    Trolley batteries

    You should be able to use the charger that came with the trolley, mines broken now so I bought a 4 amp charger from motosave for £20. Works fine.
  21. With a nod to Having just come out of a 15 - 20 year golf retirement I'm astonished to find how technology within the game has developed. I was last playing when metal woods were in vogue and peripheral weighted was the golfing panacea. Apart from clubs, balls have moved on a bit to and I thought I'd better check out some of these new cheap distance balls, given that I can still wreck a round by flying balls into deep undergrowth and lakes (distance balls go a long way in haha). So I've had a go at Wilson Smartcore, Srixon soft feel and Pinnacle gold having read up on what's around on the net and what I could get cheap Wilsons seemed to go tolerably well off the tee but hitting a superb recovery shot onto the green they'd run for miles and go off the other side. I don't think Srixon's were far behind them but I do seem to get a better result with Pinnacles. The problem with Pinnacles is they really accentuate my poor tee shots (usually a slice), as do the Srixon's but to a lesser degree. I'm playing on short pay-to-play courses that are economically watered in these incredibly dry conditions at the moment. Consequently greens are pretty hard. Yesterday I nipped to my local and did a bit of putting and chipping. The Wilson is a bit clunky while the Pinnacle has a much softer feel but the Wilson also seems to take much less borrow than the others. Chipping all three over short distances seemed to produce fairly similar results, the Wilson might run a foot more than the Srixon which might run a foot more than the Pinnacle. Over half a dozen or so rounds I've got my score down from 111 to 91 so I'm obviously getting a bit more control but the challenges I might still face are to hit a Pinnacle off the tee but control my swing better or try to hit more than 2 out of 16 greens and use a Wilson and one club shorter to allow for more run. Either way it comes back to a proper controlled golf swing which I can't quite get my head round yet However, I'm still experimenting and improving so I'll keep using these balls until I have a prospect of keeping a single ball for a full round at which time I might go upmarket So, so far, Wilson's off the tee, Pinnacles around the green. Would have expected Srixon's to be better but maybe they'll be the better choice when I can play a bit better. Of course, there's no science here, just feel haha
  22. Si0664

    Trolley batteries

    Thanks for the comment. Does it use the charger that came with the trolley or do you need a different charger?
  23. buggerlugs

    Trolley batteries

    For 36 holes with a lead acid battery you should be looking for 33ah or more. My battery is 33ah pro rider. I bought it on ebay for £44 and it does 36 holes on a hilly course with plenty of power to spare.
  24. good day fellow golfers... i am looking for golf societies local to me (morden surrey) or no more than 10-15 miles away.. i am unfortunately not the most fittest person in the world..and always require a buggy to be able to play 18 holes.. i am also recovering from a replacement shoulder( now hopefully recovered) and have not played for 4 years.. i used to be a 12 handicapper but now am back to square one but need to try and reclaim some sort of handicap and need to be able to play and am looking forward to spending my retirement attempting to get back to a certain level where i can please help an ailing old golfer. i do drive so travelling is not an issue. thankyou fellow golfers paul dulake
  25. Golfshake Editor

    St Andrews Golfshake Society

    I have been extremely fortunate to have lived in this historic old town for the past two years, reveling in the unique atmosphere of the place, from the golfers, students, and tourists. Not to mention playing the incredible courses and sharing them with others. It's a remarkable spot. But I am keen to combine that with my role as Digital & Social Editor at Golfshake. Launching the St. Andrews Golfshake Society! My hope is that this page develops into an online community for golfers who love St Andrews. You can be a resident, local club member, a regular visitor, or just someone who has an appreciation for the Home of Golf. This Golfshake Society is intended to become a hub to discuss the town and its courses, sharing thoughts and memories. We'd also be keen to encourage golfers to meet up for rounds, helping visitors to enjoy the full experience, and create a sense of togetherness between users of Golfshake within the game's most iconic destination. There is potential to develop regular games and record those on the Golfshake Score Tracker. But I need to see if there is any interest. So, please sign up to the Forum and state if you would like to get involved with the St Andrews Golfshake Society. Should this be a success, there is scope to start a variety of these Groups across towns and regions throughout the UK & Ireland. Thanks and I hope to see you on the Links, Kieran Clark
  26. Si0664

    Trolley batteries

    Hiya guys & girls I’m new on here. I’m after some advice, I’ve just got a second hand pro rider electric golf trolley told by seller battery does 36 holes only to find it barely does 18. I play on a relatively hilly course and just wondering what AH battery would be best to be able to get round 18 holes easily without turning speed up and down all the time to conserve power on my battery to make it last. Any feed back is appreciated Thanks.
  27. Chris P

    Golfshake 36 Hole Competition 2018

    Hi everyone Thanks to everyone who came along and for putting up with the searing heat! Hope you all enjoyed yourselves and the courses. Final standings were very close with every top prize decided on countback! It was that close that first and second place even had the same scores in the morning and afternoon, three players shared top score in the morning and two shared it in the afternoon. Congratulations to all the winners with the top prizes as follows: - First Overall - Carl Smith (35 + 31 = 66pts) Second Overall - Tim Hawkins (35 + 31 = 66pts). Lost on back nine countback by 1 point Third Overall - Daniel Alvarez (34 + 30 = 64pts) Winner Cherington (am) - Mark Drew (35pts). Won on countback from Carl Smith and Tim Hawlins Winner Avening (pm) - Adam Cooper (32pts). Won on countback from Dave Homer A big thank you once again to Darren for all his support in making the event successful in it's sixth year. Congratulations to all the winners and hope to see you all next year. Final leader board is below Position Name Cherington Avening CB9 Total 1 Carl Smith 35 31 16 66 2 Tim Hawkins 35 31 15 66 3 Daniel Alvarez 34 30 18 64 4 Dave Ley 31 31 13 62 5 Mark Drew 35 27 17 62 6 Martin Flemings 30 30 14 60 7 Adam Cooper 27 32 18 59 8 Wayne Dunn 31 28 11 59 9 Matt Wabe 32 27 14 59 10 Pete Nash 28 30 15 58 11 Justin Goodby 31 27 12 58 12 Dave Homer 24 32 16 56 13 Chris Perry 29 26 14 55 14 Stu Laws 24 30 15 54 15 James Minards 24 28 15 52 16 Robert Nutt 27 25 11 52 17 Shaun Bethell 22 29 15 51 18 John Flood 25 24 10 49 19 Steve Johnson 20 27 12 47 20 Paul Milward 23 23 11 46 21 Ian Hodgkins 24 21 9 45
  28. Veravista

    Golfshake 36 Hole Competition 2018

    Thanks Chris, another well organised event and great to catch up with some old mates. Pretty tough going on the day but the courses were in pretty good nick considering. Cheers mate
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