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  2. Club closing. Broke Hill GC, Kent

    Some further information passed to me recently. I quote the important bits: "Although Broke Hill Golf Course is private land, unfortunately for the old and new owners the course is criss-crossed with Public Rights of Way and Public Footpaths. My count is 3, maybe 4. These are regularly used. The ultimate majority shareholder of the complex and extensive shell and holding companies involved in this is in fact not a Russian billionaire, but a billionaire from one the 'stans in eastern europe. He is an ultimate 60% shareholder in everything. He is alleged to have companies in Switzerland, Lichtenstein as well as running the golfing side of his empire through entities called "Green Grass Golf" and "North Eastern Investments". There may also be other companies in the chain. However, he appears to have 2 main threads to his business empire; property and golf. I am also led to believe that the golf is because he likes golf. Further, there is one small office in Bristol with one person working in it. Almost everything is going to Chelsfield Lakes. Broke Hill Golf Club Ltd appears to be owned by Green Grass Golf. At the bottom of the Chelsfield Lakes website is the reference to North Eastern Investments. But as we know they are both part of the same empire. Now there is a slight misdirection going on with regards to the alleged sale of the land to a developer; it isn't a sale. Apparently it's just a transfer at Nil value from the golfing arm of his empire to the property arm. (Comment: if this is a sale of £2m, it's still thought to be an internal sale). Now, this is further complicated in that there is some sort of government review going on at the moment regarding how we treat and the permanence of Green Belt Land, and my source has seen a letter to a very local person to Broke Hill that states something along the lines that the review won't even conclude until the middle of next year. Companies like Empires take the medium and long view. I personally suspect that they are hoping that they will be able to build residential property on all or part of this land. The housing shortage is all over the UK news all the time. There's a railway station, Halstead, less than 200 metres away, and a bus route as well, so might appear to be a wonderful place to build housing with access to public transport. Keeping the land having closed the business there cost very, very, little compared the return, even with a delay. They may hoping to wear down the objectors, the Local council, and ultimately the relevant Government Minister. To repeat for confirmation, at this moment I still cannot find any planning applications at this time for the land at Broke Hill." End quote, quote is edited for anonymity. If I hear anything else I'll pass it on.
  3. Club closing. Broke Hill GC, Kent

    a guy i play football with is a member at Broke Hill at the moment and apparently the land was sold for £2M. He's thinking of joining Wrotham Heath as he doesn't fancy "joining" Chelsfield Lakes
  4. Hi all I am new to golf picked up my first ever club in may this year and have been playing on my own for the last 6 months mainly on Sunday mornings to practice. I joined my local club as a 7 day pass was only £9pw so thought great value for a challenging par 69 course and ideal for beginners as not to long some nice short par 4s. I’m beginning to get a little fed up of playing on my own and looking for a playing partner as my mates only play once every few months due to commitments and I like to play every week to get better and enjoy being out on the course. I’m still struggling with scores and on average score between 100/120 with my best being 99. I play courses in the south birmingham and Worcestershire area and if anyone is free one Sunday morning get in touch would love a game cheers Michael
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  6. Reading Any Golf Books?

    I can highly recommend You. A Golf Guru. Great stocking filler with Xmas coming up.
  7. Reading Any Golf Books?

    Have you been reading any golf books lately? I'm presently working my way through Arnie: The Life of Arnold Palmer by Tom Callahan, which is certainly worth catching up with, but I'm wondering if there are titles that you would recommend. Could be anything, from instruction, courses, or players and events. May even unearth a potential Christmas stocking-filler or two!
  8. Club closing. Broke Hill GC, Kent

    Also recently found out that it was a Russian billionaire that closed Gatton Manor. Trend?
  9. Club closing. Broke Hill GC, Kent

    Don't know what the developer is planning, but I do know that the course itself is designated Green Belt land. Cannot as yet find any Planning Applications.
  10. Mersey Valley

    The St. John's Hartford Golf Fellowship Society (SJHGFS for short!!) made our first visit to MV during August this year was a thoroughly enjoyable and successful event with the SJHGFS "clan" commenting very positively about the course, facilities, catering and warm welcome........a "thumbs up" all round!! You won't be surprised that we've recently booked us in to go again next really is well worth a visit!! Regards,MARTIN.
  11. Club closing. Broke Hill GC, Kent

    or cashing in, prime real estate area? Looks like a downgrade the move?
  12. Broke Hill GC in Halstead, Kent, is closing on 1st January 2018. Everyone is being moved to Chelsfield Lakes. Looks like the alleged Russian billionaire owner is bored with his toy.

    Pictures look very exciting, enjoy your creations :-)

    I'm a mutual friend of Darren, I'm the ugly one with the glasses, and I used the same headline as I did on Golfshake. I'm based in Woodhall Spa Lincolnshire. Hope that's enough info for you to find me.

    which David Roth are you on Facebook ?

    Hi Cac The hole will have three raised tees, white will play 112 yards, yellow will play 90 yards and red will play 65 yards. I'm taking photos daily and putting them on face book.

    David, how long is the hole ? any pics as it is now you can post on here. Dave.
  18. Range Finders...

    I think its a bit catch 22. If you buy 1 your distance control will improve as you will continually be able to assess if your shot is long / short etc. and the better you get the more use you will get through club selection. It also gives more focus to your shot with less doubt as to whether the club selection is correct. Maybe start with a second hand garmin gps at about £60 Then as you improve stretch to a flag spotter type for more accuracy. Dave.
  19. Golfshake for society

    Might have figured it out now
  20. Golfshake for society

    Am trying to sort out costs using golfshake for a society, can an admin PM me please
  21. Range Finders...

    It all depends on the players ability. What is the use of knowing its 148yds to the pin with a £200 object when you don't hit your clubs a regular distance. It is worth paying that amount of money when you hit clubs a consistent distance only.
  22. Range Finders...

    As a high handicapper, is spending £200+ on a laser range finder actually worthwhile ? I see people all over the place measuring distances and do wonder if it's really just good for people who can hit a consistent distance, which from what I can tell are in the lower handicap areas of play. What I do have is a Swarmi gps, which gives approximate distances, stood still I have seen it move by upto 10 meters, which is now why I tend to "eyeball" the distances.. Right now have no intention of buying one until I feel it will make a significant difference to my game, at the moment I can look at a hole and have a good idea on what club I need. Just think it will be interesting seeing points of view towards laser range finders, luxury, invaluable or just plain "money to burn".
  23. Are Golf Clubs missing the point?

    Difficult to answer as I'm probably not the norm when it comes to being a member. PlayMoreGolf works perfectly for me other than the bad idea I need 20 away points when I don't want friendly uncompetitive golf (OK maybe a few times a year) I don't want to play 2,3,4 times a week at one club however much its costs, I'm after seeing different layout and testing my new found love for the game at other courses :-) so £325 + union fees is perfect gives me the best part of £1000 to spend on adventures, like midland golf challenge £170 for 3 days. I'm pretty sure I'd not play that if I had my £1000 membership @Nuneaton £20 -£25 per medal away day is perfect and in prizes works for me.
  24. Are Golf Clubs missing the point?

    I'm now into my 2nd year (and only just) of playing golf, I love every minute of it. Am in the process of joining a club now, so yes, I am one of these how has got an amazing deal, but, regardless of the deal I would have joined, as with membership there is more than just playing golf, there is a social side which means as much as the ability to wander onto the golf course as many times as you want, whenever you want. Catering for the visitors in some ways is more important, as am sure clubs with the lower membership fee's are not making much money, so to attract visitors (prospective members) deals and discounts must be made. I'd rather see a course with lot's of people on it, as I can be sure that the next year membership fee's won't be rocketing to make up for any shortfall.. Swings and roundabouts really, depends what you want from a club, exclusivity (voted in members only) to the other end of the spectrum "pay and play"... They both have their places, have played on both types of course, personally, I prefer the "pay and play" clubs that have membership, I feel more comfortable with the members (they don't have helicopters and kids called Porsche and Mercedes ) .. No offence intended.
  25. Are Golf Clubs missing the point?

    although we offer deals each year to attract new members, i have yet to hear any discontent from the membership. our green fees change regularly, in the height of summer the cost is £12/£16 for 9 holes /18 holes, during autumn the price drops to £10/£15 and during the winter we only charge £8/£13, this is due to being on a flood plain, so even when open the course may not be at it's best during the wet season. i play my home course at least 70 times a year, so even at the reduced rate it's cheaper to pay £480 for a seven day membership. only a few years ago my yearly fees were £525, i'm now paying £1 a week less than I was, the policy of the club is to 'make membership pay' visitors fees have been removed so, any golfer who plays 18 holes of golf a week would benefit from being a member
  26. Having read the article about Club memberships I came to the conclusion that many Golf Clubs are missing a very important point, so I wondered what our Golfshake Members thought. Many Clubs are saying that they are not in as good a state as they were some years ago so need extra income. They offer deals for 'new Members' and offer discounted green fees, but what about the long standing members? Full Playing Membership fees are usually around 20 times a Green Fee, so you need to play more than that to make it worth it. But they then discount those Green Fees to attract visitors which then makes the Subs nearer 30 times a Green Fee. Then the paying Membership start complaining about having too many visitors on their course. So I ask. If you are a Member of a Golf Club, are you happy to pay your Membership Fee to remain a member when the Club seems to be catering for visitors more than you.
  27. Looking for Golf buddy/buddies Bristol

    Hey stephen how you doing, im a new b on here so just exploring the site, Would you travel to Gloucester or to far? There's a course 30mins away from me and closing down end of the month and not had a chance to go round and everyone keeps letting me down anyway let me know
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