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  2. I just wanted to warn anyone about this company. They have a website which is and trade under golf_components_direct on Ebay. I bought £120 worth of stuff from their website over two months ago and have still not received anything. I sent dozens of emails and only got two back after 6 weeks of trying from the owner Andrew will be sent soon, sorry for delay, promises promises etc etc. After that nothing sent and still no further response. I then noticed the appalling feedback they have had in the last month on Ebay. They take your money and don't send anything or reply on email or phone. Fortunately I paid using Paypal so hope to recoup my money but steer well clear as they are the worst company I have ever dealt with online.
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  4. buyabirdy

    Season greetings

    Two posts up from last years Christmas message just about sums it up Just like to say Happy 2019 and farewell No wonder golf clubs are losing memeberships and going broke having been refused membership at a golf club and just a mediocre one at that ,not one of the better more elite clubs i have decided pack it in And imho this site is a waste of time
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  6. buyabirdy

    Golf Club Membership

    Anyone been refused or know of anybody who has been refused membership of a golf club.
  7. My favourite golf player is Tiger Woods. I love golf.
  8. Jane Wilson

    Winter Golf at Kinross

    Great Winter Golf Deals at Kinross Play either of our two courses and grab yourself a bowl of soup and a crusty roll for just £20. Offer available from November 2018 through to end of February 2019. Call Greig or Aly on 01577 865125 to reserve your tee times or email [email protected]
  9. buyabirdy

    The new handicap system debate

    Thats how i understood it ie 6 X 9 Hole rounds = a handicap I have only got a short 9 hole course nearest to me got to travel about 14 miles for a longer course ……….
  10. buyabirdy

    Starting again and getting some kit

    Thanks for the reply Mrs Wiggles, very profound . This time I bought with idea of the kit lasting …... buy cheap buy twice as my grandad used to say so roll on spring ……. hope Santa brings me some golf balls etc B
  11. buyabirdy

    returning member

    Hi Alan , Welcome back. Roll on spring, hopefully Santa might bright some golfing preezzies I used to a regular on the old , old forum and I even got a reply to a post
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  13. Alan gunnigle

    returning member

    i have to admit that i was a regular on the old..old forum but when it was updated i found it slightly more involved in navigating around and slowly stopped using it, now it's more like the old old forum i'll give it another go.
  14. Mrs Wiggles

    Starting again and getting some kit

    Kit is quite subjective. I have always said that buying expensive clubs won't make you better, but poor clubs may hold you back. In an ideal world you go and see your pro who happens to have a massive selection of clubs. You spend three hours with him, get measured up, give him enormous amounts of money, and then wait a week for the clubs to arrive. You instantly get better, then two weeks later you are playing off of scratch, and are given the wild card to the US open. In the real world, you will buy what you can afford, and hope it works
  15. Mrs Wiggles

    Worst Rule Breach You've Seen on Golf Course

    There is a bloke at my club who carries a spare ball in his pocket. this ball will always be the same make and number as the one he is playing with. I think you know what he does next. Unfortunately, despite the fact so many of us make jokes about it when he is in earshot, nobody has challenged him yest.
  16. Mrs Wiggles

    texas scramble

    Seriously, I just read that 10 times, and it doesn't make any sense. This is how a Texas scramble works. It is a medal event, so the total shots of each hole are added together. All the players handicaps are then added together, and if there are 4 players, then the total handicap is divided by 4. The handicap is then taken from the gross score. Some competitions may specify that a team has to play off of 90% of their handicap (10% deducted). Therefore, if all of you played off of 25, that would be a total of 100-10%/4, therefore the teams handicap would be 22.5. I think you may have got a little confused, as the competition would not be 10% of the handicap, it would 10% deducted. Hope you understand
  17. Mrs Wiggles

    The new handicap system debate

    I actually thought that was the case at present. My present course is a long 9 hole, and our handicaps are calculated from any 54 holes.
  18. Mrs Wiggles

    golf clubs

    Loads of tips really. 1) For me the most important thing above everything else if friendliness. Gold is a social activity, and if you can't make friends it's a waist of time. 2) How well is the course kept and tended. Next year I am leaving my club because the green keepers allow it to get poor before the sort the problem 3) Some people are concerned about the club house, personally I don't tend to use it. I think the tightening up on drink driving laws contributed to this 4) The pro shop 5) Is there a decent and helpful resident pro 6) Is the club run efficiently, but at the same time doesn't have too many politics 7) How interesting is the course, because it is quite easy to get bored. 8) Last but not least, the price
  19. buyabirdy

    For sale Callaway irons

    clubs now sold
  20. buyabirdy

    For sale Callaway irons

    This is link to the clubs they are new , they were not bought from American golf. They are for sale elsewhere
  21. karl

    golf clubs

    Looking at joining a club and there is a few to go off, any tips and things to look out for before signing my life away again
  22. karl

    The new handicap system debate
  23. buyabirdy

    Driver or

    What do you use off the tee
  24. buyabirdy


    Found this from nearly a year ago , is any of this forum alive !!!
  25. kakbrus

    Evening peeps!

    Don't be that way. I just wish you could feel what my say Kind of mood that you wish
  26. buyabirdy


    which is a good hardwearing brand
  27. buyabirdy

    Battery golf cart

    I retired in a few years so before I do can anyone recommend a good brand
  28. Discussing the new system with someone today and theres a bit of confusion. You can use 9 holes to calculate a handicap so it says and I cannot walk 18 holes so I only play 9 (yes I could get a buggy) so I play my local 9 hole course which is not difficult and the way I understand it is I play 6 x 9 holes and submit those 54 hole scores I would be able to calculate a handicap , is that right and then any further scorecard submissions would alter my handicap Anyone help B
  29. buyabirdy

    Starting again and getting some kit

    Went to look and try at set of Adams Idea A1 Irons this morning and I liked them also got a John Letters hybrid and an Odyssey X-Act Tank Chipper so Santa came early B
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