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  3. Flying with golf clubs

    Anything as long as you are close to the weight limit, most don't mind a bit of flex over. As others have said getting clothes/shoes in etc is a good idea to save in your hand luggage. Invest in a decent travel bag and get a padlock to be safe. I have packed a magnum of champagne (raffle prize not comp lol) in mine before as couldn't take on as hand luggage!!
  4. Flying with golf clubs

    Having flown a few times with my golf clubs I would advise sticking as much clothing, etc, into your travel bag. All the airlines are bothered about is the weight, so get it just under the weight and you will be good to go. Also, putting clothing around your clubs is an extra level of protection from damage. I managed to get all my clothing into my golf bag for my last trip. Then, I used hand luggage to take anything else I needed. Russ
  5. Is there any news on when\where this years North v South will be? As somebody who has to book holidays well in advance I need to know soon or I won't be able to make it! Russ
  6. Dive on Twitter and give this guy a shout, he's at Chrolton Cum Hardy (Guessing its close) Just been out in Spain with him and 40 guys, a fair few are from the Manchester area
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  8. Looking for players in manchester / cheshire way

    Hi Iain I also live in south Manchester (Chorlton) and play fairly infrequently at weekends in the area (perhaps once or twice a month locally) - I'd be up for playing sometime if you're still on the lookout? Cheers Tom
  9. So, do you regularly play winter golf, and how do you value the balance between playing a full-course in the colder months, and having the best condition possible over the summer? That was a question we recently featured on Golfshake, looking at the importance of maintaining the condition of a course during the winter - having winter tees and greens etc - versus the needs of members, who want to make the most of their annual fees by playing a full course throughout the year. What do you think? Full Article.
  10. No score as hole as it was closed

    This means on a hole where you would get a shot/stroke it becomes the par of the hole + the shot + 2 so on a par 4 it will record a 7.
  11. No score as hole as it was closed

    Maybe something to do with the way the Hcp system works. No score becomes nett par +2.
  12. new to this

    Evening all This part of golf shake is all new to me. Have used the site for my hcap for the last 4 years or so. Will travel to play and play most Fridays and weekends. So if anyone in the surrey/kent/berks wants a game, just drop me a line. I LOVE GOLF Cheers
  13. I don’t understand how Golfshake still records a score on your scorecard even when you chose ‘NR’ as a number of holes on a course were closed due to weather conditions. It’s making my handicap go up and I’m playing better so I’m very miffed lol
  14. New Powakaddy18 Hole Lithium Battey With Charger,

    Good afternoon, My wife and I recently purchased a "New Powakaddy18 Hole Lithium Battey With Charger" for a Powakaddy Golf Trolley, on Amazon, as a Christmas gift for her father, who lives in Portugal. As we were not aware that such items cannot be transported by plane, and the costs of returning the item far exceed its purchase value, we are hoping to sell it at its purchase value to anyone who might make use of it in the London area. The item remains unused since we purchased it in December and remains inside the original packaging. Please note that the item cannot be sent by post or courier, and so the purchase and exchange will have to be done in person. I am happy to meet for this purpose anywhere in the London area. Kind regards, Gerhard Costa Pinto
  15. Golfshake.Com European Tour Fantasy League 2018

    Maybe I should contact him for a percentage of his winnings for removing him from my squad :-)
  16. Flying with golf clubs

    Stick everything in ! When I went to Ireland last year I took my bag and within the travel bag had a rucksac full of my gear for the trip. The travel bag also had pockets for shoes etc so there were a couple of pairs in there. On the plane I just took a small rucksac then. Goal is making sure you are under the 20kg limit !
  17. Flying with golf clubs

    Just spoke to Ryan Air, would appear they don't care whats in the bag as long as it's under 20kg
  18. Flying with golf clubs

    Just wondering what I can get away with putting in the golf club carry bag ? (RyanAir) Shoes, clothes and Towels ? Or is it just Clubs ?
  19. Golfshake.Com European Tour Fantasy League 2018

    there is always next week !
  20. Hi, Live in Didsbury (south Manchester). Not a member anywhere, looking to play weekends. Pretty flexible on times... I dont play very often (HC around 24), would like to change that but none of my friends round this way play. Cheers, Iain
  21. Golfshake.Com European Tour Fantasy League 2018

    Glad I took Li and Detry out my squad this week manager couldn't work with them. first week picked a team got no points, playing catch up #GreatStart
  22. New (to me) clubs

    Depends on swing speed but that should likely be an improvement over the previous shaft.
  23. cack handed golf

    forgot to say,i play on a long course,so think im doin not too bad...hopefully better soon...
  24. cack handed golf

    hi cac...ive been playin 2n a half years,im off fifteen.seem to have hit a wall at u,not too far off the tee,usually about 200..slight hook every struggling to hit an iron over 140...can hit 8 iron that far,but every lower iron cant hit much beyond the 140..frustrating,but ill percivere and keep tryin...theres gotta be a
  25. New (to me) clubs

  26. New (to me) clubs

    I really need to go onto one of these funky machines and find out I guess, wonder if AG will let me do that.. As long as they let me warm up
  27. New (to me) clubs

    System 75 Regular (there's a cw next to the 75)
  28. New (to me) clubs

    Haha, I dont know what shafts the X18's have but I would only assume that moving away from a senior flex shaft would make a difference - but that is hard to judge without know how fast you are swinging the golf club.
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