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  1. I'm a member of Copsewood Grange, just down the road from Asda A46, if you want to come over any time let me know, should be no more than 25 minutes from home for you
  2. where in Warwickshire? I'm in Coventry and you are welcome to join me any Sunday morning, regardless of handicap
  3. if your based near the M1/M6/A14 then Kilworth Springs is an option, built on a former quarry if it isn't open you ain't playing anywhere. Nearer Northampton I'd recommend Brampton Heath, for Oxfordshire, try Tadmarton Heath,
  4. 11under? so with a 0.4 cut for a category 4 player the maximum cut should be 4.4, so playing of 28.0 becomes 23.6 actual (24 playing hc) any additional penalties for winning should be added back after the next match. instead of CSS use SSS. 0-5hc cat 1 = 0.1 cut per shot under handicap 6-12 cat 2 = 0.2 cut per shot under hc 13-21 cat 3 = 0.3 cut per shot under hc 22-28 cat 4 = 0.4 cut per shot under hc any questions please feel free to ask
  5. notice on our website states close due to flooding, but to be fair it has rained consistently for the last two days, away this weekend so not really affected either way
  6. just checked the website, course was closed today with an inspection due tomorrow morning
  7. Was HS2 mentioned? My understanding was the plans had changed and the course would be unaffected.
  8. Copsewood Grange, Last year I played at The Nottinghamshire and the Worcestershire, and twice in comps at Melton Mowbray I'd be happy to play the Nottinghamshire again and at £21 each with food it's a steal
  9. contact the hotel and they may recommend a taxi company that could deliver the golf clubs for you, obviously will cost but maybe a solution
  10. Ricey, I've pencilled in a few Opens and would be interested in a few more. If your looking for a partner keep me in mind please. I'm based in Coventry
  11. I've played at Brampton Heath a few times, great value and took the honours on the only time I entered as a singleton, my regular PP couldn't make the date. If it wasn't for now working days I'd be there again this year, always well organised and the food is normally good too congratulations on your success
  12. had a quick look in the rule book and can see no reference to clothing, so for me it's not a rule, no different if half way round the player purchased a new shirt from the Pro shop
  13. Shaun, where are you based in the Midlands?
  14. I'm in Coventry, your welcome to pop over on a Sunday morning for a game, we start about 815am, £16 for visitors, 22 minutes from the centre of Hinckley, so not too far away