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  1. To wear a glove or not is a personal preference. As is taking it off to play certain shots. In my experience many beginners get blisters if they don't wear one. then once you are used to wearing one you carry on with one. It is the friction on your hands that cause these blisters and why a right handed golfer wears a glove on their left hand.
  2. I always take one of the freebies.
  3. Steady Eddie, Just plays and enjoys it, however good or bad they play.
  4. Same here, and they must be white.
  5. Even though I welcome the change, I can still see a problem. A ball moves, so who makes the final decision. A ball moves because a player "accidentally causes it to" means replace, but if the wind causes it to move, play from its new position. Who says what moved it?
  6. Your Hcp is based on SSS, not Par. So even though your course was Par 69 the CCS or SSS must have been 67.
  7. Don't you find it strange that many courses put their 'Winter Green Area' across the front of the normal green. This means when they are in use (to save the main green in frosty conditions) the ball will bounce onto the back of the green they want to protect. We, at Filey have 12" holes in our winter greens so when they are in use it is still fun to play.
  8. I think the CSS kills it for many low handicappers. Several times we (Cat 1 & 2) guys don't get pulled because of scores from the high handicap groups. It has even been known to get 0.1 back with good rounds in our minds. Also some society groups have a Rule that pulls a 'winner' 2 shots, what ever their score is.
  9. As long as the Handicap system works on our capabilities, rather than our actual ability, we will get these situations. Just look at the range of scores shot on one day, if the system was perfect everyone would be shooting within a couple of shots.
  10. The only way this two ball were quicker than us was because they were hitting shots before it was SAFE to do so. The problem with that is that if they get away with it a few times they think its OK. Wait for the first player to be hit and see what happens. I am not the sort of guy who would let them through and then give them some of there own medicine.
  11. It can't work like that Brian. That group that you say are playing faster will then have to fit into a space that isn't there, or should the whole course stand aside while this so called faster group play at there own pace?
  12. Good idea, only that at least three of the 4 ball need to finish each hole so slowing play down. I much more prefer the idea of "Albert" or what ever they call him elsewhere. This is where the 3 ball gets "Albert" in the guise of an invisible player who scores 2pts on every hole. Much easier to deal with.
  13. One of my biggest hates on a golf course is being pressured from behind. That is players who hit shots before the group in front are clear and even hit tee shots before all the group in front have hit their 2nd shots. Never mind how slow you think the group in front is, the question should be, how far are they behind the group in front of them and if it is not a clear hole, 'hold station', or simply put, 'don't pressurise them'. A day out the other day was totally spoilt by a two ball who wanted to play quicker than everyone else out on the course. They were upset that we (a four ball, riding) were not quick enough for them, even though we were holding our position behind a three ball we had called through after a lost ball, who in turn were holding position behind our other four ball (again riding) and several other groups ahead. Why do people act like this? A Golf Course has a "Speed for the day" that can be a lot different from "Pace of Play".
  14. I own the same range but it all depends on the lie of the ball and what type of shot I want to play. I can play all my short shots with the 52* and only use the 58* and 64* for chips over things. I was told many years ago "why chip over something that isn't there", so sometimes even chip with 9, 8, or 7irons.
  15. My own personal views over this and the reasons why the four majors are what they are today is based on facts that are stored somewhere deep in my brain. There was the 'Grand Slam', reported after Bobby Jones won the US Open & Amateur Championship, The Open and The British Amateur in the same year. This made these four events the MAJOR events of the year. This stayed the same until a certain Mr Arnold Palmer said that The US Open, The US Masters, The USPGA and The Open had become the modern Gran Slam so making them the Majors. This stuck and is still used today. So the Majors are the tournaments that most top golfers want to win and carry great history and prestige. The cost of holding such an event is way beyond most countries so they will stay the same for the foreseeable future. Didn't the WGC events start out to take big events worldwide, yet they didn't really travel well.