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  2. Hi Shaun, what handicap are you, how long have you been playing and have you managed to get a partner to play with regularly in Brum? Your availability suits mine! My lad's are fair weather golfers so I struggle in the winter
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  4. Did adidas stop making Asym boost shoes. I was impressed with the technology but I can't find any in the latest products. So, the question is, have they changed the name to something else or did they realised the technology doesn't work?
  6. I purchased a Stewart x9 follow trolley under a month ago but immediately realised that the follow function wasn't working very well, in fact it was dreadful. I have used it on 8 separate occasions and at no time have I managed to get the trolley to follow me from tee to green. The x9 follow sales pitch & promotion film is a big selling point for this particular trolley. The follow function is £500 on top of the remote control version. I have sent it back to the manufacturer to be checked and was told by e-mail that it would be a further 6 days before it would be looked at, due to the large amount of trolleys being serviced which miffed me as I paid £1500 for this trolley that's not fit purpose and there seems little urgency from the technical support to check and rectify this problem. I phoned Stewart trolleys and spoke to customer support and was told that the head engineer dealing with this problem would call me back and guess what he didn't call. At this point I'm really disappointed with the trolley, the non call back. Has anyone else have a similar problem with this trolley?
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  8. Hi Laz001 I am interested in playing mondays contact me and we can arrange a game. Dave
  9. To wear a glove or not is a personal preference. As is taking it off to play certain shots. In my experience many beginners get blisters if they don't wear one. then once you are used to wearing one you carry on with one. It is the friction on your hands that cause these blisters and why a right handed golfer wears a glove on their left hand.
  10. I'm a member of Copsewood Grange, just down the road from Asda A46, if you want to come over any time let me know, should be no more than 25 minutes from home for you
  11. Jesus you really are a temperamental one. Let me start by saying if you want to wear the glove wear it. If it feels better to you or provides a mental advantage then go ahead. I do agree this can make a difference to the better players, but I just ain't buying it makes any difference to an average golfer under normal conditions. If your an average golfer (notice I dropped the bang) who takes reasonable care of his clubs and gives his grips a bit of a clean on a semi regular basis, then I don't see where the advantages are, apart from comfort and stopping you getting blisters/calyces. There are clear exceptions to what I'm saying, if somebody never cleans there grips then a glove I would suggest is essential just for H&S reason. If playing in wet conditions where grips will be wet, a wet weather glove is clearly going to be of great help, or in soaring heat with 90% humidity (none of which applies to us golfers in the UK) then go ahead. Or if your just a bloke that has sweaty palms, not sure I know to many people like that, then go for it. As a matter if interest how much do you think the club slips/turns during your swing without a glove compared to with one? Could it be that you thinking about this grip thing to much is what leads you to choke the life out of it without a glove? Do you have a high swing speed that may put you outside the norm? For reference my 6 iron swing speed is circa 90mph and my Driver swing speed is 115-120mph so I have a fairly high swing speed and I feel wearing a glove doesn't have an impact for me. Do you take a particularly light grip that may put you outside the Norm? In response to the points you have tried to make, I've tried to explain myself a little better below. Sounds very touchy to me, so let's analyse. For me anyone above a handicap of 10 is pretty average at golf. That is fundamentally about 80% of the people that play golf, the statistics are clear to see in the link below. I'm not quiet sure I should mention where I think the less than average golfers handicap lies, I wouldn't want to upset you anymore. I have a masters in Engineering so I do appreciate the effects of drag and centrifugal force. Rotation caused by the Drag on a club face and shaft of absolute minimal surface area will be minute compared to a club 4 degrees toe up digging into the ground at or slightly before impact. No glove in the world will stop that. The club face is the most important thing in golf, no matter what anyone tells you. The Clubface is 80% responsible for the direction of the golf ball, path is the other 20%. Now we have a GC2 with HMT at our club and I've seen a lot of very good players, average players (again minus the bang) and bad players hit balls on there and seen there stats. The path variation between swings for all of the range of abilities never appears to be very big. The better golfers are just a lot less in/out or out/in than the bad golfers. The clubface of the better golfers rarely changes by more than a couple of degrees where as even an average golfer like myself can have very big difference between the face angle from shot to shot, couple this with bigger variations in path and the actual face to path differences can be huge between shots. Most of which is caused by a lack of forward shaft lean and the flipping of the club by lesser(not meat to be an insult) players at impact. Also the fact very few golfers hit the ball out of the middle every time (Again not an insult to the average golfer just fact, proved by the mass selling of huge cavity backed irons and not blades) means gear affect, and the D lane have far more affect than your glove. All the above have significantly more affect on the consistency of the average golfer. The effects a glove would have would make minimal contribution towards fixing this. I believe your the one overestimating the capacity of the human eye. Eye dominance not only affects where your pointing but can also affect the way you swing the club. Everyone has an eye dominance and I expect most have no comprehension of what it is nevermind which eye is more dominant. Combine this with angular resolution, the blind spot (particularly pertinent when using one eye, as you would on a side on view), eye dominance, the unreliability of your peripheral vision again pertinent in a side on game. The amount of people who require glasses but don't wear them, people out growing there current prescriptions, the 8% of people who colour blind, visual fatigue, reduced fields of vision with age. And so on and so on. The human eye passes light through that's all the brain processes the images, there are a huge amount of ways this can be distorted. Half of what you see you don't see the brain fills in the blanks, so no I'm not underestimating anything. I'd expect there may be some constancy in peoples set up, I'd suggest again 80% of golfers therefore have a consistently bad setup. Again more of an affect I expect than a glove. I expect I'm already on my way to proving I've got a full appreciation of the small things, which what a lot iv discussed aren't small things. Of all the things discussed I'm still thinking the glove is the smallest. I clean them between rounds!!! An average golf handicap in this country is 18 (Notice this the average handicap, not the benchmark for ability). With an average par of 71 sss of 69 and a 3-4 shot buffer that's likely 90-91 shot average round. At the most 15 with a driver the most critical club requiring a good grip, why would I need to clean it during the round? Where are you putting your hands between each shot? Do you casually walk the course applying bril cream or something? Or greasing your trolley wheels? I'd say the amount of time the hands spend on the club cleaning them every 3 rounds would suffice. For the irons hit maybe once a round then you could leave them all year. I would expect the fact that you have a piece of rubber, the one material universally utilised to provide grip, should provide ample grip to not have to choke the life out of the club. I'd suggest the lack of mobility in a lot of golfers, fighting the hit reflex and the brain kicking in mid swing all prove more fundamental factors in swing tension than the glove. Perhaps if you lightened up a bit then you wouldn't be so tense when your golfing. I'd suggest you have provided no evidence to me and not a single fact, some conjecture and regurgitation from things you may have read or heard along the way. I'm not stating my thoughts here as fact they are opinion, based on what I believe to be reasonable theories. You state what you say is fact which suggests to me that you seem to hold your opinion way to highly. Lead me to any water body you desire, just don't expect me to drink the crap your serving, just because you say its fact.
  12. Let us know what you think of our latest video for the 2017 Callaway Great Big Bertha EPIC driver:
  13. Time to get involved for the chance to win a fantastic once in a lifetime golf trip:
  14. Am in Wellesbourne, where do you play ??
  15. 1. Try to reduce hcap ( 14 ) to as close to 10 as I can by longer drives and more consistent approach shots. Less duffs, shanks, thins and 3 putts. Apart from that all is OK. CAC
  16. Furthermore: You underestimate the accuracy of the human eye and regularity of the set-up. It is your failure to understand what has small effect and what has bigger effect that defines your lack of factual understanding of the "shaft grip/human" interface. How do you effectively and legally clean your hands and shafts during a round without gloves, especially in summer? In order to attempt to hold a gloveless shaft firmly and correctly for the whole swing, the force your hands have to the exert is far more than is needed for a gloved stress-free, free release, smooth swing. Tightening your fingers and hand muscles without gloves cause other muscles in the wrists and lower arms to tighten up, hence increasing overall muscle stress in the whole arm, and negatively affecting the whole swing. All the evidence and facts are against you; if gloves are a con I'd be the first to expose it ! I tried playing without gloves, and I'm much worse. I can lead a horse to water, but I can't make it drink. I'm not offended by the word "chopper", I am offended by your sweeping generalization that every golfer other than a Pro swinging at 125mph is an "average chopper". What about a non-Pro with a swing speed of 125, 110, 100 mph?
  17. Markers are not referees, so cannot make decisions. If the marker does not agree with the player's score he should not sign the card until the committee have made a decision. Nor should the player should not try and return his card. If the player returns his card unsigned without reference to the committee he is DQd. If the marker refuses to sign the card Decision 6-6a/4 applies 6-6a/4 Marker Refuses to Sign Competitor's Card After Dispute Resolved in Favour of Competitor Q.In stroke play, B, who was A's fellow-competitor and marker, refused to sign A's score card on the grounds that A had played outside the teeing ground at the 15th hole. A claimed that he played from within the teeing ground. The Committee decided in favor of A. Despite the Committee's decision, B continued to refuse to sign A's card. Should B be penalized? A.No. A marker is not obliged to sign a card he believes to be incorrect, notwithstanding the determination of the Committee. However, the marker must report the facts and authenticate those scores which he considers correct. The Committee should accept certification of A's score at the 15th hole by anyone else who witnessed the play of the hole. If no witness is available, the Committee should accept A's score without certification.
  18. I'm rarely touchy, and I do have a great sense of humour. However, It's you that are touchy as it's clear from your response that you jump at anything that does not match your belief system, even when you are wrong, which you are on this subject. Let's analyse: Define "bang average"? Where do you get 80% from? A glove make a big difference to me, and note that I do not make any claim a glove's effect for you. All of the variables you quote do have an effect, but only a small effect; but no way near as much as a shaft slipping/moving in an ungloved hand, which additionally changes the head angle. In fact, the movement is only ever to open he face as centrifugal force, drag and impact reaction all act in that sense.
  19. I have a question regards marking cards and what infact the marker is supposed to be doing. This is more to do with ofical competitions rather than social knocks etc. Often there are disputes between playing partners regarding rules. Often the person marking your card may believe you havemade an infringment and want to penaile you. Most of the time people seem to accpet this and let them do it as they are marking your card. If they are marking your card are they not supposed to put down what you say your score is, regardelss of there opinion. If they beilive you have made an inffringement thay can then bring it up with the relevant person following the round, and if they are correct you are then DQ'd for signing an incorrect card. If you do accept there decicion and then find out you were correct, you have then once again signed an incorrect card and should be DQ'd. Am I over simplyfying this, your opponent is not there to referee you are they? Are they simply just marking your card? Or is there more to it than that?
  20. Don't get so touchy, I would suggest 80% of golfers are pretty bang average. Your handicap and mine suggest exactly that. That's not an insult or meant to be, It's just fact. A glove will make zero difference to you or me, the avergae golfers clubface position will be degrees different every swing, the lie angle wil change each swing. All of which have infinitly more affect than the glove. If your offended by the word chopper then I suggest a sense of humour may help.
  21. Leave the poor guy alone.
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  24. where in Warwickshire? I'm in Coventry and you are welcome to join me any Sunday morning, regardless of handicap
  25. Play more golf. Pay less for everything in golf.
  26. I've never seen a YouT*** Pro criticize anything. This goes along with the pointless mag articles and forum topics about "what is wrong/is there anything wrong with golf?". There is nothing wrong with the sport of golf, but there are lots of courses and equipment manufacturers winging (wrongly) on about how bad the sales into golf are. Well, I don't care what the sales are in golf, I play golf for fun and sport, not to support a bloated, profit-seeking industry, that overpays players as well, and lies to try and sell me a new driver/irons/ball/glove/trolley every 6 months.
  27. My criticism in my post is of the magazine in question, as well as all magazines that follow the bad procedure I described: If a magazine is doing any review, it should purchase the subject goods anonymously and test. They should not be warning, requesting nor demanding anything of the supplier, as that's bullying, blackmail and fraud. However, it appears that almost all magazines, free or paid, are nothing more than golf industry mouthpieces. The more I think about this, the more I am inclined to contact all the relevant government departments that regulate trade, press and consumer affairs....
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